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Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Waxing

Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Waxing

Winter is finally the time you don't have to worry about shaving or waxing your legs. You finally have the security of wearing tights and jeans, so your legs are never on show. But on the contrary, winter also happens to be the best time to wax your legs and other areas.

From an effectiveness point of view, you'll reap the rewards from your winter waxes during summer. And you'll get better, long-lasting results from your waxing sessions if you start putting in the hard work now. Why? It all comes down to the hair growth cycle.

The ideal time to get a wax is during the first phase of your hair growth cycle, known as the Anagen phase. This is the active, growing phase of hair. When hair is repeatedly removed from the full depth of the follicle, the structures that surround the hair follicle, which are responsible for hair growth, will eventually weaken.

But, if you get a wax during the final phase of hair growth, known as the Telogen phase, the results of your wax won't last as long. This is because brand new anagen hair may already be developing underneath the hair that is on its way out.

So to get the best result, you need a regular routine to try and catch the hair in the anagen phase. If you wax every 3 – 4 weeks during winter, all of your hair will eventually come through at once, instead of at different times.


The Advantages


Reduced Hair Growth


Both sugaring and waxing removes hair at the root, which not only discourages future follicle growth, but damages the follicle's ability to grow strong new shafts of hair. This means that every time you wax or sugar, you will grow less hair back, and the hair that you do grow will be lighter and finer. Repeated waxing or sugaring results in permanent hair loss, but if you give your follicles a chance to recover for half the year you will not experience the same level of reduction. Waxing or sugaring regularly is like trimming the split ends of your hair-if you make it part of your regular maintenance, you'll actually need it less than if you did it "as needed."


Say Goodbye to Dry Winter Skin


Waxing not only removes the hair from the root, it also has an exfoliating effect; the wax, when pulled from the targeted area, takes away dead skin cells and leaves a brand-new layer of skin. Build-up of dead skin cells won't allow the nutrients from nourishing body creams and lotions to be absorbed by the skin and, given that winter is a season where the skin gets drier due to the lack of moisture, you'll need all the nutrients you can get.

Moreover, cold winds are harsh on the skin; they make it extra dry, and dryness is the main cause of ingrown hairs, flaky skin, itching, and redness. Planning a winter skin care routine and taking advantage of waxing's exfoliating effect is a great combination to maintain smooth, glowing skin. Proper waxing with delicate products that are particularly recommended for sensitive skin, such as our liposoluble waxes, will leave your skin smooth and prepared for the winter season.


Reduced Ingrown Hairs


You need to maintain a regular waxing or sugaring schedule in order to achieve soft regrowth and prevent ingrown hairs. If you're the kind of woman who waxes or sugars during the summer, you probably aren't going to let your hair grow Sasquatch-long all fall and winter. If your plan is to shave whenever you have an event that calls for a short skirt or maybe a little special attention to your bikini line, you're going to ruin all the work you've done all summer to achieve smooth, bare skin. After shaving, your hair shafts will be blunted and much more likely to cause ingrown hairs as it grows out. To keep your hair smooth, you need to consistently pull it out from the root by waxing or shaving.


Feel Sexy for Yourself


Did we mention that it just feels plain awesome to have smooth, bare skin, whatever the season? Those millimeters of growth aren't going to keep you warm, but they are probably going to make you feel a little scuzzy. If you're used to smooth skin, letting your routine slip when it's cold out is just going to make you feel like you have something to hide. What's more, wearing jeans or leggings most of the time makes it easy to hide regrowth when you're trying to develop enough hair for the wax or sugar to grab.


Start Now!


Fall and winter are actually the perfect time to start waxing and sugaring, if you never have before. Why? Because it takes three or four sessions (spaced 4-6 weeks apart) for your skin to be fully adjusted to the treatment and for all your shaving stubble to truly disappear. It takes a while before your skin is at its best and all the bumps or irritations left over from your old habits are gone

Waxing or sugaring through the winter will maintain and further your path towards smooth skin rather than setting you back.