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Tips on how to take care of post wax skin

Tips on how to take care of post wax skin

Getting a wax done is a monthly self-care ritual and even though it comes with it’s fair share of pain and hassle, it’s pretty much an unavoidable task. What’s more important after the 20-minute long torture is to take extra care of your skin the minute you are done with it, especially and unfortunately if you get burns or cuts. If you are clueless on how to take care of your post wax skin, then read on to find out some fool-proof dos and don’ts for the same.

Hands off

The natural oils on the skin can clog the pores, and the bacteria that are normally on your skin might increase the risk of infection. Resist the temptation to scratch or touch waxed areas if you want to avoid some adverse reactions. Touching the waxed skin often results in irritation and small pimples may occur.

Avoid the heat

Just after your waxing session, your skin will remain in a very sensitive stage. Thus, you have to be careful about your skin post-waxing period. Heat or hot element can cause damage to your skin when you have just completed your waxing process. It’s better to avoid exposure to sun and hot bath or shower after waxing or else it will irritate your skin that may cause redness of the area. Use a moisturizer with higher SPF, if you are using the moisturizer on your skin go for one which has an SPF above 25+ preferably and your skin will stay well protected from sunrays.

Use a post-depilatory

Don’t turn your face away when you see a post-wax skincare product thinking it’s probably useless. Your skin does need that extra care and only a product, which is specially curated for it, can give you exactly what it needs. Biosoft’s post wax lotion is an ideal option. If aloe is your love, then there’s an aloe variant or if menthol is your call then they have a menthol variant too.

Exfoliating waxed area

After waxing is done, you must exfoliate the area at least two to three times in a week so that dead skin cells will be eradicated. Even you should not choose a scrub for the intimate area which is highly perfumed. The exfoliate must not be too hard which might damage you’re under arm skin but, it will be equally important to have the exfoliate that has enough grainy substance inside. Thus, choosing of a right exfoliate will be very important after waxing.