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3 Tips to alleviate wax pain for sensitive skin.

3 Tips to alleviate wax pain for sensitive skin.

The most convenient and helpful method of depilation is waxing. And fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to reduce waxing pain! We guarantee you that these steps will aid:

Say no to alcohol, coffee, and smoking.

Hydration is key when it comes to minimizing pain, so drink up! When you drink ample of water, the skin is ready and well-covered, which allows for uncomplicated hair removal and a relaxed hair removal experience. Avoid consuming alcohol and coffee especially on the day of waxing! While alcohol increases your pores, these items and even smoking can cause your skin to be more delicate.

Schedule your appointment.

When scheduling a waxing appointment, bear in mind the following things: Do not book during your period, do not schedule right before your workout, and wait long enough between waxings.

Why not schedule during or around the time of your period:

Pain begins in different ways for different people. Nevertheless, waxing will certainly feel more painful around and during your period since the skin is tenderer then, so it's best to schedule your wax around another time of the month.

Why not right before you plan to workout:

If you plan to go to the gym, avoid exercising for at least six to eight hours after waxing. Your skin will tend to be most tender at that time, ultimately causing more pain. So, to avoid chafing at all costs, do not schedule your waxing appointment at least 8 hours before your workout routine!

Why ensure you have waited long enough between waxes:

Allow your hair to grow back at least a quarter of an inch before planning your next date. If your hair is simply too short, the wax might not be as effective and if it' too long, you'll find yourself experiencing a lot of pain.

Different skin-types need different treatments.

Not all waxes are formulated and suitable for all skin types. Synthetic waxes are harsh, and sometimes they can even eliminate some of your skin. So before starting to wax, select the right wax for your skin.

Use Biosoft’s Waxes which are mixed with natural ingredients and work by molding around the hair and eliminating it from the pores.

At Biosoft we have different waxes to suit different skin types, such as:

  • Waxes for Sensitive Skin:
  • Waxes for Dry Skin:
    • Liposoluble Waxes in the Variants of Charcoal and Chocolate.
    • Roll-on Cartridges in the variants of Charcoal and Chocolate.
    • Dark Chocolate Microwave Wax
    • Charcoal Peelable Wax
  • Waxes for Normal Skin:
    • Liposoluble Waxes in the Variants of Gold and Green Apple.
    • Roll-on Cartridges in the variants of Gold, Pearl, Green Apple, and Honey.
  • Waxes for All skin types:

Apart from the 3 main tips mentioned above, is another tip that is a breeze and that is:

To follow a proper Pre and Post-wax routine!

The marvels of Pre and Post-wax care are always astonished about. A day or 2 before your waxing appointment, keep in mind to exfoliate your skin, which will prepare your skin for a comfortable and less painful depilation.

Also, give your skin a gentle care with pre and post-wax products. While pre-wax gels prepare your skin by eliminating excess oil from your skin, using an after wax oil purifies your skin of any wax residues and thus prepares it to be moisturized. Moisturizing after waxing with a post-wax lotion will help to keep your skin hydrated, which aids with any discomfort and calms the pain.

Waxing is the best hair removal method and shouldn’t be ignored due to fear of pain. Follow these tips to ensure your wax goes seamless and painlessly as possible. You’ll soon understand that waxing is much more comfortable and not as unpleasant when you are well-prepared.

If you are interested in waxing, take a look at Biosofts broad range of products that offer for a comfortable, pain-free, and luxurious waxing experience.