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Choose a flavour your skin loves

Choose a flavour your skin loves

Despite an array of hair removal methods, waxing still remains the quickest and easiest depilation solution out there. Salons use different kind of waxes. Some are ordinary waxes made of chemicals or sugar. These can cause skin irritation and do not give the desired results. Salons who care for their clients prefer to use superior waxing solutions like Italian liposoluble waxes.

Unfortunately there are a handful of brands in India that provide such solutions, Biosoft being one of them. Biosoft has a range of liposoluble waxes which are made with particular skin types in mind. Though the entire Biosoft liposoluble range is suitable for sensitive skin due to its natural ingredients, the brand offers more! Here's your guide to get the maximum out of your waxing schedule and give your skin a sensory experience along with a perfect depilation

Dry Skin Distress

Dry skin does not produce enough sebum and cannot retain hydration as well as normal skin. This results in a predisposition to flaking and an opaque, often wrinkly appearance. Extremely dry skin can pose a problem for waxing since it implies gentle exfoliation, which may leave the skin more prone to dryness. Irritation or itchiness might appear; this is why dry skin needs extra hydration during the waxing session, apart from the pre and post-depilatory lotions. Biosoft’s Argan Oil Liposoluble Cream Wax is one of the best wax for dry skin as it contains pure extracts of Argan oil which is well known for it’s moisturising and nourishing benefits, just what your dry skin needs. Alternatively, Biosoft’s Aloe Vera Cream Wax too has natural aloe extracts, which is a great calming, and soothing additive to any skin product. It also helps in eliminating any post wax irritation.

Oily Skin Woes

Oily skin generally keeps good levels of water. Excess sebum is the real issue with oily skin. This sebum production leads to large open pores, which exposes them to dirt resulting in the clogging of pores. The best thing to do in such case is to use Biosoft’s Green Apple Cream Wax as it will provide with gentle exfoliation that helps in unclogging the pores leaving the skin clean and fresh. Another option is the Liposoluble Pearl Cream wax that contains Litsea Cubeba oil (an ancient chinese remedy) extracts that works great for controlling sebum production, a blessing for those with oily skin

Normal Skin

Normal skin is the most balanced skin type. It has good water and lipid content, which means that it does not feel tight or dry or produce excess sebum. There is minimal risk for adverse reactions with this skin type, which is why basic care will be enough to ensure a perfect waxing. Biosoft has a wide range of Liposoluble waxes with nourishing and emollient ingredients that keep the balance of normal skin intact. The range includes favourites like Chocolate and White Chocolate and special skin detox waxes like charcoal. Go ahead choose a wax that will enhance or nourish your skin during your waxing sessions