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5 waxing benefits for your skin and body hair

5 waxing benefits for your skin and body hair

There have been many debates on why waxing is the best hair removal. But have you ever wondered how can just a single benefit make this depilatory method a cult-favourite? Well, it’s because countless benefits are lesser-known. Right from exfoliating, improving skin texture to adding shine, waxing deserves its due credit.

To give you a closer look at these benefits, we at BIOSOFT have lined up five skin and hair benefits that will make you want to book your waxing appointment right now!

Improves skin texture

If you have been waxing for while now, you must be familiar with the soft after-math. Whenever you wax, your epidermis layer consisting of dry and dead skin cells gets removed. All thanks to this exfoliating element of waxing, your dead skin gets separated. This provides you with a soft and even skin texture all just in one pull.

Less irritation

Compared to other forms of hair removal methods, waxing causes the least irritation to your skin. It’s because when the wax is formulated, different skin types like dry, oily to sensitive are kept in accord. The end goal of any wax is to provide a gentle and hassle-free waxing experience. If you are going to dive into a new wax variant make sure you conduct a patch test before diving deeper, to stay steer clear of any complications.

Increases hair growth intervals

One of the reasons why waxing is favored by all is that it removes the hair from the roots. How does this happen? So, when the hot wax is applied to your skin, it grips on to your hair follicles. And when the waxing strip is pulled it removes the hair from its roots. This helps in slowing down your overall hair growth. All of which waves off your stress to visit a salon for the next 3-4 weeks. It’s a win-win situation for your body and your time!

Helps in de-tanning your skin

Waxing is beneficial in reversing the tanning from the sun your skin has endured. It performs the dual action of removing dead skin cells and even your tan. So, when the epidermis layer is lifted off, an all-new layer is formed which is of your original skin tone. This removes the tan and adds a new shine to your skin. Again, it gives you many benefits in just one pull. You can amplify this de-tan benefit by opting for wax infused with potent ingredients like bananas.

Say goodbye to prickly skin!

Many of us dread certain forms of hair removal because of the aftermath. It is mostly associated with prickly, irritated, and dry skin. But waxing helps in waving off these ailments by simplifying removing the hair from its roots. Thereby assure a soft hair re-growth which isn’t prickly at all.

Can’t get enough of these waxing benefits? Then, why not dip your spatula into it. Head to the BIOSOFT website and scroll through the variety of wax flavors suitable for your specific skin type. Go now and enjoy a seamless waxing experience filled with multiple benefits!