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Which hair removal method is the healthiest?

Which hair removal method is the healthiest?
Creams, razors, electric shavers, lasers, and wax; these are the various waxing methods that have evolved throughout history and dominate the world of depilation today. Some offer instant access, others long lasting results. But are they all healthy? Do all of these methods take into account the health of your skin? Razors are largely responsible for ingrown hair, while creams and sugar-based waxes give you only short term results along with a whole lot of skin irritation due to the presence of petroleum by-products, and the presence of allergens such as colophony. This is where waxing comes in, because one of the most important benefits that waxing gives us is without a doubt, skincare. Firstly, from a dermatological point of view, in order for a waxing method to look after our skin, and therefore our health, it should consider the type and condition of the skin, the type of hair, the area to wax, the susceptibility to ingrown hairs, hygiene requirements, the moisture levels and elasticity of our skin. Having said that, there's no doubt, that BIOSOFT's range of liposolible waxes are carefully designed to protect our skin's health. They approach waxing from all possible angles of skincare:
  • pre-waxing products that condition the skin and prime it for the process
  • A wax formulation that's void of allergens and is based on vegetable based oils
  • Added natural ingredients for additional skin benefits
  • Low melting points to avoid burns
  • Post wax products to ensure longer lasting results and smooth, moisturized skin
If you have tried other waxes or waxing methods but have not yet tried BIOSOFT, go ahead and give us a call, and be amazed by the smooth results of an Italian depilatory sensation, that's meant to give you the best results while caressing your senses .