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Caring for your wax heater.

Caring for your wax heater.

Quality Wax Heaters are vital tools for any aesthetician. You can't do without these equipment if you want professional waxing results. If you think all you require is an ideal wax and a few wax strips, then this is not all you need. Wax heaters are vital tools for an ideal wax. Wax heaters are convenient to use and if taken care of, they can be used for many years. There are different kinds of heaters available in the market, and in this blog, we will guide you how to take care of your heater and also show you the best heaters that you can own.

Heater care begins as soon as you receive it. To extend the life of the heater, you need to take care of it, even during use and cleaning, which will ensure the extension of the life of your warmer. Now how do you do ‘Care’ for your heater? Let me aid you with a few convenient steps that will help retain hygienic standards and also help you enhance the lifespan of your heater.

Do not heat without wax in the pot, and don't leave the heater turned on all night.

This only causes the device to overheat and its electrical system to fail. Even if you use the wax warmer daily, leaving it waxed all night will shorten its lifespan and increase the likelihood of wax contamination. Of course, it's dangerous to you, your work environment, and your customers.

Switch off the power of the heater before cleaning.

Yes, you need to heat the wax to remove the remaining wax from the pot. However, once the wax has been removed, make sure the heater is off before inserting your hands to clean the wax.

Regular Cleaning of the Outside of Your Warmer Pot.

By keeping your wax pot clean, you will avoid wax build-up and sticky residue. By cleaning the outer body of the pot, you can keep the pot as new for the future. This is hygienic and necessary. Dirty wax heaters not only look bad, they can also sprinkle bacteria. Therefore, it is as important to clean the outside as it is to clean the inside of the heater.

Keep the device away from water and apply oils to the wax warmers.

If the wax warmer has drops or stains, you can remove them with mineral oil and a cloth. You could also use wax strips to remove the remains.

Sterilize and sanitize the heater.

To get rid of bacteria and disinfect the products you use, you need to sterilize the disposable items you use. It doesn't matter whether you use wax heaters or a microwave to heat your waxes, proper maintenance and cleanliness are important. A professional will always follow the safety and hygienic rules needed, while also using the best products available in the market.

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