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Caring for your wax heater.

Caring for your wax heater.

What do you need for a professional waxing result? If you think all you need is a perfect wax and a few wax strips, then this is not all you need. Wax heaters are essential tools for a perfect wax. Wax heaters are easy to use and if taken care of, they can be used for many years. There are different types of heaters available in the market, and in this blog, we will tell you how to take care of your heater and also show you the best heaters that you can own.

Caring for your heater starts right from when you get one, meaning you got to care about your heater even while using it and even when cleaning it, which will ensure the extension of the life of your warmer. Now how do you do ‘Care’ for your heater? Let me help you with a few easy steps that will help maintain hygienic norms and also help you increase the lifespan of your heater.

Do not heat without wax in the pot, and don’t leave the heater on overnight.
Heating the wax heater without wax in the pot or leaving it on for too long, will only make the device over-heat and its electrical system will fail. Even if the wax heater is being used every day, leaving it on with wax inside overnight will reduce its lifespan.

Always turn off the heater before cleaning.
Yes, to remove the remaining wax from the pot, you are required to heat the wax. But when you are done with removing the wax, and before putting your hand in to clean it, make sure to turn off the heater.

Clean the outside of your heater regularly.
Yes, the outside of the heater! It is important to clean the outside of your heater that will help prevent wax build-up and sticky residue of melted wax on the sides of the pot. Cleaning the outside body of the pot will keep your pot like new for the future, which is hygienic and necessary. A dirty-looking wax heater doesn’t only look bad but also can spread bacteria and hence cleaning the outsides is as important as cleaning the insides of the heater.

Keep the device away from water and use oils instead.
Since it is mentioned to clean even the outsides of the heater, if the heater gets over-messy too, you should still keep the device away from water, instead you could use cotton dipped in oil to clean up the wax residues. You could also use wax strips to clean the wax residue from the heater.

Sterilize and sanitize the heater.
To ensure that your heater is bacteria-free, and ready for use again, it is essential to sanitize your heater and even all the other non-disposable waxing tools.

It doesn't matter whether you use wax heaters or a microwave to heat your waxes, proper maintenance and hygiene are imperative. A professional will always obey the safety and hygienic rules required, while also using the best products available in the market.

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