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The Professional Guide To Underarm Waxing

The Professional Guide To Underarm Waxing

Underarm waxing can be a little tricky. So, we at BIOSOFT have created a guide with seven useful tips that would ensure you with a seamless underarm waxing.

Tired of those prickly underarm hair caused due to shaving? Then, it’s time to switch to waxing. It helps in easily removing the hair from its roots and extends the hair growth cycle. What really seals the deal is that the re-growth is softer and not prickly, unlike shaving. But many of us find underarm waxing to be a daunting task. So, we at BIOSOFT have lined up seven tips that would make your underarm waxing like a cakewalk.

1. Pre-care

You need to avoid wearing tight clothes on the day of your waxing. It is essential because your underarm is one such body part which tends to sweat a lot. Wearing loose clothes or sleeveless clothes wouldn’t make you sweat and will aid the waxing process. Likewise, do not apply deodorant on your underarms, prior to your waxing session. It can lead to product buildup and can hamper your seamless waxing experience. Coming to exfoliation, salon professionals suggest that you should exfoliate your underarms, a day prior to your waxing session. Exfoliation does a dual job of removing the dead skin cells and waves off ingrown hair problems. It works its magic in the same way as it does for the rest of the body parts.

2. Waxing Your Underarm in the Correct Manner

While waxing your underarm hair, the skin needs to be as tight as possible for a seamless waxing experience. On the other hand, the wax should be applied in the direction of your hair growth and should be pulled against the hair growth. Another point to note is that you shouldn’t wax in the same area twice. As underarm is a very sensitive area, it may lead to redness, inflammation or unbearable pain. To stay steer clear of this situation, your technician should prep your underarms well so that the wax easily adheres to the hair and removes it in one go!

3. Indulge in Post-waxing Care

It is very important to apply post-waxing lotion on your underarm. As mentioned earlier, this body part consists of sensitive skin. After waxing your sensitive skin goes into a repair mode. Post waxing lotions work as a catalyst in soothing the process and nourishes its life back.

4. Stay Away From Perfumes

While waxing, the heat emitted by the wax opens up the pores. This in turn loosens up the hair follicles and removes them seamlessly from its roots. Post waxing, these pores are still slightly opened for at least 24 hours. Applying highly concentrated perfumes on these open pores would cause a nightmare. It will lead to irritation redness and severe allergies. So, post underarm waxing, it's best to say goodbye to perfumes and deodorants for at least 24 hours.

Aren't these waxing tips a life saviour? So, imbibe them to ace the underarm waxing process minus any pain or damage to your skin. You can also head to BIOSOFT e-store and find the right wax which looks after your underarm waxing needs.