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The Professional Guide to Underarm Waxing

The Professional Guide to Underarm Waxing

Waxing the armpits can be a little difficult. For this reason, BIOSOFT has created a guide that includes seven useful tips to ensure seamless waxing under the armpits. Tired of the sharp armpit hair from your shave? Then switch to waxing. It helps to easily remove the hair from its roots and prolongs the hair growth cycle. What actually seals the contract is that, unlike shaving, regrowth is not a hassle and is soft. However, many of us find waxing the armpits a daunting task. That's why BIOSOFT has put together seven tips to make it easier to wax your armpits.

1. Pre-care

You should avoid wearing tight clothes on waxing days. It's important because your armpits are one such part of your body and are easy to sweat. Wearing loose, sleeveless clothing will not sweat or wax. Also, do not apply deodorant to your armpits before waxing. This leads to product buildup and can affect the seamless waxing experience. When it comes to exfoliating, salon experts recommend exfoliating the armpits with pre wax gels the day before the waxing session. Exfoliating has two roles: to get rid of dead skin cells and to get rid of the problem of ingrown hair. It works like any other part of the body.

2. Waxing Your Underarm in the Correct Manner

When waxing armpit hair, the skin should be as tight as possible to experience seamless waxing. Wax, on the other hand, is applied in the direction of hair growth and needs to be pulled against hair growth. Another point to keep in mind is that you shouldn't wax twice in the same place. The armpits are so sensitive that they can cause redness, irritation, or intolerable pain. To avoid this situation, the technician should prepare the armpits so that the wax easily adheres to the hair and is removed all at once.

3. Indulge in Post-waxing Care

It is very important to apply the post-waxed lotion to the armpits. As mentioned earlier, this part of the body is made up of sensitive skin. After waxing, sensitive skin goes into repair mode. The after wax oils acts as a catalyst to calm the process and nourish its life back.

4. Stay Away From Perfumes

When waxing, the heat released by the wax opens the pores. This loosens the hair follicles and seamlessly removes them from the roots. After waxing, these pores are still slightly open for at least 24 hours. Applying a high concentration of perfume to those open pores will cause nightmares. It will lead to irritation redness and severe allergies. So, post underarm waxing, it's best to say goodbye to perfumes and deodorants for at least 24 hours.

Aren't these waxing tips a life savior? So, gain them to ace the underarm waxing process minus any pain or damage to your skin. While opinions are always changing when it comes to beauty and fashion trends, so too is the variety of hair removal waxing products we can choose from. Check out BIOSOFT e-store and find the perfect wax which looks after your underarm waxing needs.