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The 10 Waxing Commandments You Should Be Aware Of

The 10 Waxing Commandments You Should Be Aware Of

One month between hair removal waxing appointments? Check. A pre-appointment, please? Duh. We all know the fundamentals, but these tips are ones you may not be aware of.

  1. Select Your Method

Priorities first: Select a hair removal technique, then stay with it. Hair removal waxing there between appointments is not advised if you are using lasers to treat the area because you don't want to damage the roots. Since the focus during therapy is the hair root, it must be there. The laser won't function if the follicle is removed with wax or tweezers.

  1. Plan Your Time Strategically

It will hurt less if you go a week or two after your period. You'll be more sensitive and more likely to swell immediately before your period because prostaglandin levels are at their peak.

Also, schedule your treatments in the following order: massage, hair removal waxing, facial, pedicure, and manicure if you choose to have several. Ingrown hairs (hairs that aren't removed at the root and curl under the skin) and clogged pores are also possible side effects of hair removal waxing if you get one right before a massage.

  1. Understand Retinoids

Hair removal waxing and retinoids are both types of exfoliation. Hair Removal Wax for Face might remove a portion of the epidermis in regular retinol users, who often have less dead skin cells on their skin. This can cause abrasion. When first starting to use retinols, avoid hair removal waxing. Although he encourages patients to stop taking prescription retinoid treatments for one week before hair removal waxing, retinoids can contribute to increased skin fragility, so use caution if you expose skin to both of them. Retinoids should also be avoided until the redness has faded.

  1. Gently exfoliate the night before

Dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs can be removed by scrubbing. Try using a body wash with salicylic acid to unclog pores and hair follicles. It's okay to use a salicylic acid face cleanse in the vicinity of your bikini line. When patients use a soft loofah, they experience wonderful benefits.

  1. Understand Before You Go

Don't use default settings or leave the waxer to guess: Know the shape and hair removal amount you desire. It will make the procedure more effortless.

  1. Do not drink the pre-wax cocktail

Although a pre-event margarita may help to dull the agony, it can also make it worse. According to research, the breakdown product of alcohol, acetaldehyde, stimulates a particular class of pain receptors. Therefore, you can be more sensitive to anything that hurts if you drink before a treatment.

  1. Get Milk 

Use a paper towel soaked in a solution of half skim milk and half cold water on the skin for ten minutes, then repeat several times throughout the day to reduce redness brought on by hair removal waxing. Lactic acid from milk soothes skin. A moisturizing salve or an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can also be used to treat the region.

  1. Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Applying a cold compress to the waxed region right after your service may help prevent pimples and ingrown hairs since it will seal the pores and stop bacteria from entering.

  1. Ban Rays

Increase your SPF immediately after hair removal waxing because freshly bare skin is more susceptible to sunburn. Apply at least SPF 50 prior to going to the beach.

  1. Continue

Become a frequent waxer if you want the level of irritation to gradually decrease. Because hair removal waxing weakens the hair follicle, you will need to wax less frequently as you wax more frequently. Hair regrowth will thin out with time.

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