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Benefits of waxing over other hair removal methods

Benefits of waxing over other hair removal methods
There are myriad methods to choose from when it comes to hair removal wax—some more costly, some more complicated, some more painful, some longer lasting than the next. With multiple options in the market, how can you really work out which method is best for you and your body? The answer is pretty simple – waxing. Read on to find out in detail why waxing is so much better than other hair removal methods.

No cuts or scars

Waxing does not include a blade or a razor, which means you won't suffer any cuts that may eventually leave you with scars. Waxing, however, may be painful especially for those who are more sensitive, but having no scars is definitely a good news.

Gets Rid of Ingrown Hair

Regular waxing can eliminate your ingrown hair. Now, the good news about ingrown are that they not a permanent thing, so there isn’t much to worry about. Unless you stop waxing or if you are the type who waxes after long intervals, your ingrown may take time to go away. So make sure you wax in regular gaps to eliminate ingrown hair completely.

Promotes Lesser Hair Growth

The more you wax, the amount of hair growth will be lesser. Estheticians say that when you continuously wax for more than 3 years, your hair may begin to grow out after 3 weeks to one month. Of course, this will also depend on your genetics. If you are born hairy then it will take more years to enjoy this privilege.

No Risks or Side Effects

There is a risk of permanent damage in laser hair removal like burning, while blistering, discoloration, redness, and scarring are also potential side effects. There's also the possibility that your hair could grow back, which may require yearly treatments to keep new hair growth at bay. Hence, unlike laser, waxing is far safer as it is a semi-permanent method with zero risks and little to no side effects.