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Here’s every question answered on grooming for men

Here’s every question answered on grooming for men

Manscaping, the trend that’s finally catching on, and in a big way! After all, 2018 is all about lean, mean, and CLEAN machines. So here’s every question answered for all you men out there, so that you can get started on your own manscaping adventures

How do I prepare for waxing?

Before waxing, take a shower to clean and exfoliate the areas of the skin you will be waxing. This will not only remove any dead skin cells and excess build-up of grime, but will also help the wax adhere to the hair more effectively. Explore BIOSOFT’s range of all-natural pre wax solutions for the best results possible:

Do I remove hair at home or in a room?

In the classroom! Here there is no doubt about the answer. If you want a perfect, fast and safe finish, go to a salon that offers BIOSOFT products. The professional that attends to you is trained, experienced, and will recommend the best according to your hair and skin type.

What do I wear to my treatment?

Tight fitting clothes are strictly off the itinerary. You don’t want to irritate your skin any more than you have to. Instead, opt for loose and cotton clothing. Remember, comfort is the keyword here.

How much will it hurt?

There are several factors to take into consideration: your tolerance to pain, the sensitivity of your skin, the density, and strength of your hair, the area to be plucked;but having said that, it’s not too much of bad thing.BIOSOFT’s waxes are formulated to adhere to the hair and not the skin, so that pain is greatly reduced. In addition, the more you wax, the less pain you will feel. You'll get used to it quickly, so start as soon as possible.

Will I have less hair growth as I wax?

It is proven that as you continue to depilate with wax, your hair will grow back thinner, weaker and will take longer to do so. Only after several regular treatments, will you notice that the density of regrowth is beginning to decrease

How often should I wax?

Every 4-6 weeks. Your aesthetician needs at least 5mm of hair for the wax to adhere to. Some men go every 3 weeks for a back and chest wax. Others every 2 months. The more regular the better, as this will hinder and lessen the density of regrowth.

Do I need post wax care?

Of course you do! After a wax treatment, your skin is tender, exposed, and quite irritated due to the stripping nature of the waxing process. Therefore, to avoid any sort of redness and burns, it is essential that you apply a cooling or moisturizing agent to keep your skin soft and smooth. For the best post care solutions, explore BIOSOFT’s range of post wax oils at