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Here’s every question answered on grooming for men

Here’s every question answered on grooming for men

Manscaping is a style that's finally becoming really popular. Lean, mean, and CLEAN machines are what's important in 2018, after all. Now that all of your inquiries have been addressed, you guys can begin your own manscaping adventures.

How Should I Get Ready for Hair Removal Waxing?

Take a shower before hair removal waxing so that you may clean and exfoliate the skin around the regions you will be waxing. Not only will this get rid of any dead skin cells and extra dirt buildup, but it will also make it easier for the wax to stick to the hair. For the best outcomes, check out BIOSOFT's selection of all-natural pre wax solutions:

Do I Shave at Home or in a Public Place?

in the lecture hall! There is no ambiguity about the answer in this case. Visit a salon that sells BIOSOFT waxing products if you want a flawless, quick, and safe finish. The medical practitioner who treats you is skilled, knowledgeable, and will make recommendations based on the nature of your skin and hair.

How Should I Dress for My Treatment?

There is a rigorous no-wear policy for restrictive clothing. Avoid irritating your skin any more than necessary. Choose loose, cotton garments instead. Keep in mind that comfort is the main word here.

How Painful Will It Be?

There are a number of things to consider, like your pain threshold, the sensitivity of your skin, the thickness and strength of your hair, and the region that will be plucked; yet, overall, it's not a bad idea.

The pain is significantly decreased because BIOSOFT's waxes are designed to stick to the hair rather than the skin. Additionally, you will experience less pain as you wax more. Start as soon as you can because you'll become used to it rapidly.

Will Hair Removal Waxing Cause My Hair to Grow Less Quickly?

It has been demonstrated that as you continue to wax yourself, your hair will regrow thinner, weaker, and more slowly. You won't notice the density of regrowth starting to decline until several consistent treatments have been completed.

When Should I Get Waxed?

Four to six weeks. For the wax to stick, your aesthetician requires at least 5mm of hair. Some men get their back and chest waxed every three weeks. Every two months, others. The more regular, the better, since this will prevent and reduce regrowth density.

Do I Require After-wax Care?

You do, of course! Due to the stripping nature of the hair removal waxing procedure, your skin is left after a hair removal waxing treatment feeling sore, exposed, and highly uncomfortable. Applying a cooling or moisturizing product to maintain your skin supple and smooth can help you avoid any kind of irritation and burns. Visit to learn more about BIOSOFT's selection of post wax oils for the best post care solutions.