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Roll-On – The most hygienic way to wax

Roll-On – The most hygienic way to wax
After a long hiatus, salons are slowly and finally starting to reopen. Precautionary measures like wearing mask at all times, frequent sanitization of commonly touched surfaces are being put into place and disposable/single use products have become the need of the hour. Apart from these it is important to incorporate new and improved beauty practices to make everything safer for your clients. When it comes to waxing, unethical methods like double dipping are common practices in some salons and rather hard to get rid of. For this it is important you switch to roll on waxes that are not only convenient to use but also extremely hygienic. Read on to find out why you need to make this unique product a part of your salon.

Roll on Waxes

Roll-ons are an alternative way to use soft wax. The same soft wax you can find in a can comes in a convenient cartridge with a roll on head. This helps the wax glide onto the skin directly, eliminating the use of spatulas, tins, etc.

Benefits of Roll on Wax

Roll on wax or cartridge wax has emerged as the great alternative to the conventional method of waxing due to the following reasons.
  • Quick and Convenient: To heat up roll on waxes, all you have to do is place the cartridge in a roll on wax heater, set the appropriate temperature, and start rolling the cartridge directly while it’s still in the heater. This makes the waxing process much more convenient and quicker, something that all salons could use during this time and take up more appointments.
  • Hygienic: Roll on waxes are arguably the most hygienic wax till date as there’s no use of spatulas which eliminates double dipping which in turn makes sure there’s no contamination of wax taking place. Moreover, one cartridge is enough for one full body wax so you don’t have to worry about used wax being applied on your skin. There’s also no risk of external agents like airborne bacteria, dust or hair getting into the roller.
  • No mess: The roll head of is airtight and comes prefixed on the cartridge which doesn’t allow the wax to drip while using. This helps create zero mess during waxing so that you don’t have to waste time in cleaning up wax drippings after every session.
When it comes to roll-on wax, you should study a wide range of options before you choose one. Biosoft Roll on waxes contain the naturally formulated Liposoluble Creme Wax that provide for easy and effective removal of hair. It comes in 10 variants to suit the needs of all individual skin types so you don’t have to worry about the wax not suiting your skin.