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Why is using wooden spatula better while waxing?

Why is using wooden spatula better while waxing?

We are always on the hunt for finding the perfect wax that suits our skin. But have you ever thought about the tools you use? It might come as a surprise to you but the spatula, a key tool for waxing, does play a very crucial role. While there are many debates on which spatula, metal or wooden, works best, we are here to pick a side. Let’s learn what wooden spatula has to offer and how it can make your waxing experience a seamless one!

Avoid the possibility of shock

Let’s get our science glasses on! Metal is a good conductor of electricity and wood is a bad conductor of electricity. You need to apply this basic principle while choosing your waxing spatula. Sometimes, using old and low quality waxing heaters can lead to faulty connections and lead to an electrical shock. Using metal spatulas may at times lead to electric mishaps. To avoid such scenarios, switching to wooden spatulas is the perfect solution to tackle this problem at hand.

No risk of double dipping

The golden rule of waxing is to ‘never double-dip.’ The nature of wooden spatulas is such that it needs to be disposed of after every use. So, when you dip your wooden spatula in the wax and apply it on the skin, you need to discard it immediately. This helps you in staying away from the contamination horror and the aftermath. Thereby giving you a seamless and a safe waxing experience which you deserve!

Salon therapist’s ideal pick!

In the salon space, wooden spatula is one of the favourite waxing tools. Many salon academies opt for wooden spatulas in their teaching sessions. It’s hygienic aspect allows therapists to easily cancel out the cross-contamination horror among clients. You might think metal spatulas help with seamless wax application. But cleaning it after every session is a hassle. Salon where the footfalls are up and above, you wouldn’t have the time to clean the metal spatulas after every client. Here's where wooden spatulas come handy and keeps your business grind going!

There you have it, a clear guide on why wooden spatulas are clearly the winner. For your next waxing session, give the wooden spatulas from BIOSOFT a whirl and see what it has to offer to your skin!