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Why Is Using Wooden Spatula Better While Waxing?

Why Is Using Wooden Spatula Better While Waxing?

We're always on the lookout for the ideal wax for our skin type. But have you ever considered the instruments you employ? It may come as a surprise to you, but the spatula, a key hair removal waxing product, plays an important purpose. While there are numerous arguments about whether a metal or wooden spatula is better, we're here to select a side. Let's take a look at what a wooden spatula can do for you and how it can make waxing a breeze!

Any possibility for shock should be avoided.

Let's put on our science goggles! Metal is a good conductor of electricity, but wood is a poor conductor. When selecting a hair removal waxing spatula, keep this basic idea in mind. Using obsolete, low-quality waxing heaters can sometimes result in incorrect connections and an electrical shock. Using metal spatulas can occasionally result in electric disasters. Switching to wooden spatulas to avoid such instances is the ideal solution to the problem at hand.

There's No Danger of Dipping Twice.

'Never double-dip' is the golden rule of hair removal waxing. Because of the nature of wooden spatulas, they must be discarded after each usage. As a result, after dipping your wooden spatula in the wax and applying it to the skin, you must discard it right away. This aids you in avoiding the horror of infection and its consequences. As a result, you will have a smooth and safe hair removal waxing experience, which you deserve!

The Perfect Choice for a Salon Therapist!

A wooden spatula is one of the most popular hair removal waxing product in the salon. In their instruction sessions, many salon academies use wooden spatulas. Its sanitary nature allows therapists to simply eliminate the fear of cross-contamination among clients. Metal spatulas may appear to aid in the application of seamless wax. However, cleaning it after each session is a pain. You wouldn't have time to clean the metal spatulas after each client at a salon with a high traffic. Wooden spatulas come in helpful here and keep your business running smoothly!

There you have it: a simple explanation of why wooden spatulas are the clear winner. Buy BIOSOFT wooden spatula online and give it a try for your hair removal waxing session and experience what it has to offer.