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Microwave Wax – The quickest waxing solution

Microwave Wax – The quickest waxing solution

A professional aesthetician knows that using the right equipment along with good quality waxing products and proper waxing techniques is crucial. Waxing is a time consuming procedure and it all starts with the first step i.e. heating the wax up to the right temperature. Normally salons pre heat the wax to it's melting point in a wax heater to save time and then at the start of the session re-heat it to ensure the right consistency. All this decreases the salon professionals efficiency to speed up the service, especially when you have a bunch of clients to tend to. Add to that the post Covid19 norms of social distancing and safety parameters being the new normal. You can either wish for some super powers or simply opt for a quicker alternative. This is where Biosoft Microwave wax proves to be a boon. A first in India, Biosoft Microwave wax is a soft wax that heats up in a microwave in just 3 minutes and saves you a whole lot of time. What's more it's Titanium dioxide based formulation gives excellent results even on thick ingrown hair. This wax is perfect for at home waxing sessions as it saves the salon professional the hassles of carrying the wax and the heater to the client's home. Microwave wax can simply be heated up in the client's microwave.


Here Are a Few Simple Steps Perfectly Heating Up Your Microwave Wax:

  • Place the container with the wax in the microwave, making sure you place it a bit towards the side rather than in the middle. Don't put a lid on the container.
  • Set the timer to 30 seconds, let them elapse, and take out the wax. Stir it a bit and place it back in the microwave for 30 seconds; this will help conduct heat evenly.
  • Repeat the previous step few times as necessary to get the correct wax consistency, it should take you up to 3 minutes to reach a consistency similar to syrup or runny honey.

Start waxing as soon as your wax is melted ‘cause if you take too long, it might start getting cold. Reheat the wax in the microwave for ten seconds and stir; repeat if necessary, until the wax regains its ideal consistency.

While the concept of microwave wax is still uncommon and popular waxing brands are still catching up to this revolutionary innovation in waxing, it is still important to make the right choice. Biosoft Premium Microwave Wax is available in 3 variants, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Gold, each to suit specific skin types and needs.