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Client Consultation Code, cracked!

Client Consultation Code, cracked!

Information is crucial, even in the beautician world!

Similarly, detailed information about each customer can be used to customize treatments and improve service. To provide the best service to your customers, you need to interview them and create a profile before you start growing. Therefore, if you want to crack your customer service code, Biosoft can help.

What's the information you should seek?

Here are some of the most significant things you should get to know during a client consultation:

Personal Details.

It's easy to need to collect customer personal information, such as the customer's name, contact details, age, and anything else you need.

Medical and Health history.

Ask the customer if they have taken any medications such as acne medication, blood thinners, and more. Some drugs may make potential customers unsuitable for waxing. For this reason, you need to ask him about his medical history and health history.

Skin type and skin conditions.

What is your skin type? It is important to write down the client's skin type, and if the client does not know his or her skin type, it is important to help the client by verifying skin type.

Ask if he/she has or is suffering from a skin condition? This should be taken into account to provide the customer with a product that fits the customer's skin and to avoid unwanted intervention if the customer's skin condition does not allow the waxing process.

Skin-care routine and Hair Removal History.

If they follow a specific routine before waxing, does the customer's skincare routine apply to the product used? What does your customer's post-wax routine look like? Is it the customer's first wax? Have they tried other hair removal methods? Do customers have a preference for wax? Why is it so important to ask customers these questions? The answer is clear and simple. Beginners need a more detailed introduction to waxing than experienced patrons. Even after understanding their routine, we can provide appropriate guidance as needed.

How to carry out a client consultation?

Get the client comfortable and then ask questions.

First, you need to make your customers feel comfortable and reassured. Asking questions gives customers the confidence that you are committed to providing great service and don't forget to record their answers. Also, always check they have no more questions.

Analyze and make recommendations.

Now that you have recorded your customer information, you need to analyze it to find a solution that you can offer to your customers. You can also use the data provided to plan and determine which products and processes will benefit your customers. Don't be afraid or shy to suggest extra services to the client if you think they would prefer it or would opt for it.

What are the importance and benefits of Client Consultation?

Customer service shows your customers what you care about. Knowing what you care about builds customer loyalty. It protects you and your customers from any accidents. The best time to sell a product or treatment is especially during a consultation with the customer. Be sure to ask a lot of questions before waxing or treating your clients (but don't be too many or too personal). In addition to proper customer advice before waxing, the use of the best waxing products guarantees luxurious service. But why do you look for the best products elsewhere when you have us? BIOSOFT offers a wide range of high-quality Italian wax solutions that are a special blend of natural goodness and scientific research. You can pick up our products from