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Is Waxing Giving Your Skin a Hard Time?

Is Waxing Giving Your Skin a Hard Time?

Depilation involves the removal of unwanted hair, making your skin soft, smooth and beautiful, but waxing could also give rise to bumps, redness and rashes that can last for hours or as long as 3 days, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Besides removing hair, depilation also acts as a form of exfoliation, but if waxing has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages.


The side effects Redness and inflammation


A common and natural side effect of waxing is redness and inflammation. To some degree, there will always be some redness particularly with people who have pale and sensitive skin, as it involves the ripping of hair out from the follicles, but otherwise, it may be due to an allergic reaction.


How do you tackle it?


Check the label:


Let's start with prevention. Make sure the wax doesn't contain any ingredients you're allergic to that can leave you unnecessarily red. Often, waxes are made- up of resin but these may not be suitable to your skin. Many also are made up of artificial colours, fragrances and ingredients. While you can be allergic to almost anything- natural or not- artificial ingredients are allergic triggers for many. Don't forget about checking the products for prepping the skin, removing the wax and soothing the skin as well.


Use the Right Technique:


Be sure you're holding the skin taut while pulling hair out to keep skin from being tugged on too much. Use a wax made for sensitive skin, a cream based product often works well.


Wax Shouldn't be too Hot or too Cold:


Of course wax that is too hot can burn the skin. This can happen when there isn't that much wax left in a can and it gets overly hot or it's heated for too long. Make sure to check the temperature by putting a bit on your hand first. Use a wax which has a low melting point


Soothe the Skin:


After removing the hair and wax residue, apply an after wax cooling product or an aloe based gel or oil to help soothe the skin and subdue the redness and inflammation.