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How hot should the wax be before I use it?

Waxes should be used at warm temperatures. As a guide, the suggested operating temperature of hot wax is 55-65 degrees, whilst strip wax is used at around 65-70 degrees. A wax pot is essential for correct application as it lets you to perform with consistent, safe temperatures. You can test the temperature by applying a very little amount of wax on your wrist.

What do I do before I wax?

Exfoliate the skin with a pre wax gel as it properly cleanses and prepares the skin for hair removal, leaving it dry and receptive and promotes optimum adhesion to the wax.

What do I do after I wax?

Apply an after wax oil. The oil will eliminate any sticky residue. You can later use a moisturizing lotion or cream that will nourish and hydrate the skin.

Will I still get in-grown hair with Biosoft?

No you will not. Unlike most hair removal systems, Biosoft removes the risk of in-grown hairs, because regrowth will always be in its natural direction.

Is waxing better than shaving?

Even though both help in hair removal it is wise to go the waxing route as its effects last longer; up to 3 weeks. If you shave, you might regrow your hair within a week.

Should I shower before I wax?

No, always avoid waxing quickly after a shower or hot bath. The warm water will not only open your pores but it will also soften your skin making it more prone to bruise or become irritated when waxed. Wait an hour or two before starting your waxing treatment.

The wax breaks off in pieces when I try to remove it, why did this happen?

This will occur when the wax cools down too much on your skin. For peel off waxes, it’s best to wait until the wax it touch dry, this will hardly take 15-20 seconds. The wax must still be flexible when you remove it.

Why doesn’t my wax wash off with water?

Waxes are made from resins, which are an oil based product. This means you require an After Waxing Oil to dissolve the wax if you want to eliminate it from your skin.

No hair is being removed, what is going wrong?

If you haven’t exfoliated the skin the day before, the first few attempts will really only be eliminating all the dead skin rather than grabbing the hair. Make sure your skin is clean and free of sweat, oils and moisturizers so that the wax sticks to your hair. It is also possible that the hair is too short for the wax. Wait a few days for your hair to grow a little longer.

Do waxes have an expiry date?

No, wax does not contain any ingredients that will ‘go off’ however, but it is recommended to use your wax within 12 months of opening.