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Your clients will thank you for going the extra mile with our range of premium Italian waxing solutions. Leave your clients with perfectly smooth skin after every wax. Prepare each waxing service by cleansing and amazingly exfoliating the skin for added hydration and allowing easy hair removal. Biosoft offers a wide range of soothing gels and oils that protect, calm, nurture, and condition the skin. Your one-stop shop waxing treatments! Hair removal with the aid of waxing is also regarded as one of the important parts of cosmetics. Waxing is not only about the elimination of the hair but also aids in the development of finer hair which is simpler to remove. It makes the body parts clean, fresh, and soft. The body gets rid of dryness, itching, and dead skin after waxing. A Wax heater is a handy device used to melt the wax to get free of unneeded hair. It successfully turns the wax into a liquid state to make the waxing process easier and pain-free. The device is simple and safe to use, compact, and retains wax’s best consistency for even application.