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Foldable Wax Heater

Foldable Wax Heater

As a new cutting edge silicon foldable wax warmer allows multiple use with easy to ‘clean and replace’ wax facility- perfect to use a variety of wax at home or in salon.

Heat-resistant Silicone Bowl: It won't deform or release any harmful toxins under high temperature, and you can freely heat the wax without worries.

Collapsible Design: The bowl can be folded up to take up less space, and put in your bag for carrying around-now you can wax your skin anytime & anywhere.

Easy to Clean: Wax pot is made of Premium Material silicone, nonstick, and can be easily cleaned after the wax cools and hardens.

Fast Heating: Wax warmer machine have adopted 100W high power design, with 120°C temperature, which can quickly heat the wax.

Comfortable Handles: Silicone wax bowl have adopted 2 handles design to prevent hand burns, which is convenient to use.

Smart Choice: Compact and convenient wax heater designed ideal for beauticians who perform mobile waxing services to customer’s home (easy transportation and storage)

Hygienic: Excellent for peelable/stripless/beads waxes and especially for sensitive areas to control cross contamination. Also the flavour of the wax can be easily changed as per the client's choice or requirements.

Price: ₹1600.00

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