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Double Wax Heater

Double Wax Heater

Biosoft's double wax heater has two warmers to meet your wax warming demands. It is one of the best wax warmers available because it is perfect for everyday use and has a user-friendly interface. Because of its smooth stainless steel surface, protected see-through top, and removable lids, it's simple to clean, sanitise, and improve functionality. The heater's exquisite design will look great in any salon. Turn the regulator's temperature control clockwise to a setting that is suitable for the type of wax being used. The see-through cover is convenient since it allows you to view the state of the wax.

The Biosoft Duo Wax Heater is designed with premium features, such as temperature regulation and a large capacity, as well as enough power to reach high temperatures fast and evenly, allowing the wax to melt rapidly and evenly. The ergonomic form and lightweight materials of the duo heater will complement an easy waxing operation, making wax heating effortless, quick, and efficient. It features two can cavities. It features a circular heating element for a uniform rapid meltdown, ensuring that the wax melts faster and so takes less time to prepare. It contains indicator lights as well as an adjustable thermostat and temperature settings, allowing you to tune the temperature to your liking.

Price: ₹10000.00

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Biosoft’s wax heaters are made with the most durable and strong materials to ensure efficiency and longevity. Like any other heater, they still demand constant care, and their maintenance involves a clear set of easy instructions. Since this is a useful device that will see constant activity, you need to keep these steps in mind.

  • One golden rule you can’t forget when cleaning wax heaters is to keep the device away from water. A dry cloth is enough to wipe the wax heater if it takes a greasy texture.
  • Make sure the wax heater is unplugged before cleaning. This is probably a no brainer, but the prolonged high temperature and the contact with different cleaning materials can result in malfunction.
  • The heating cans must be cleaned regularly because they can get stained with wax drips and leftover wax that hardens in the can. If not cleaned properly, these leftovers make a mess when trying to warm up new wax.
  • Cover the waxing container when it is not being used.

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