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Triple Roll On Wax Heater

Triple Roll On Wax Heater

Biosoft triple roll-on wax heaters are compact (100g), heat-resistant heaters that provide therapists with consistent and pleasant depilatory results. With improved comfort and grip, as well as a glossy, wipe-clean finish, our warmer is excellent for busy beauty professionals.

A protective cover, an indicator light to show that the power supply is connected, a Cartridge heating chamber, and a power socket are all included. The Roll-on Wax Heater from Biosoft is made for wax cartridges. This is an excellent heating unit that works with all Biosoft roll-on Wax Cartridges. The protective cover keeps the wax warm and prevents it from dripping, making it exceptionally safe and hygienic to use. It ensures a consistent and quick melting.

This wax heater machine and applicator eliminates the need to clean up wax pots and spatulas after waxing and eliminates the need to remove the cartridge from the wax heater. Roll-ons heat evenly, allowing the entire application process to be completed quickly.

Price: ₹5250.00

Biosoft’s wax heaters are made with the most durable and strong materials to ensure efficiency and longevity. Like any other heater, they still demand constant care, and their maintenance involves a clear set of easy instructions. Since this is a useful device that will see constant activity, you need to keep these steps in mind.

  • One golden rule you can’t forget when cleaning wax heaters is to keep the device away from water. A
    dry cloth is enough to wipe the wax heater if it takes a greasy texture.
  • Cover the wax heater when there are no wax cartridges to heat.

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