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Whether you are a first-timer to the salon or having a serious shift from conventional wax, here’s your guide to making a wise choice, the “liposoluble wax.” Liposoluble wax, is a blend of vegetable oil, beeswax, and glyceral rosinate. While the various wax options have colophony, which may cause sensitivity in some sum, the liposoluble wax is free from it.

Benefits of liposoluble wax

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Biosoft’s Liposoluble wax is an advanced depilation system. Our wide range of liposoluble wax is enhanced with castor seed oil and other natural oils, which nourishes, moisturizes, reduces tan, slows down hair re-growth, and leaves the skin feeling smooth, sheen and smelling fantastic post the waxing service. Our wax range is of a more superior kind, and less painful. It securely removes the hair from the root with zero discomforts and leaves no sticky residue. Our variety of Liposoluble Waxes offers a deluxe and comfortable waxing experience at the best prices. A Liposoluble Wax is quite less sticky as it holds a cream firmness that is thicker than the honey waxes that making the removal of hair pain-free. It is a Cream wax which is a popular form of soft wax that liquefies at a lower temperature and therefore decreases the possibility of skin burns with hot wax. It is liposoluble, thus making it colophony-free and therefore there’s no chances of any irritation which usually occurs in normal waxing. Our range of lipo waxes removes hair in one go, making it convenient even for extremely sensitive skin.