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Meet Your Waxing Match: Find the Perfect Wax For Your Skin Type

Meet Your Waxing Match: Find the Perfect Wax For Your Skin Type

The overall seamless wax ball game depends on your skin type and the wax you are using. To assist in this process, BIOSOFT has deciphered the needs of different types of skin, from usually dry, oily to sensitive skin, in addition to different types of wax. Over the years, waxing has earned a reputation for being the best hair removal method. From removing hair from the roots to providing smooth skin, waxing has advanced the game. However, many of us are still unable to achieve a seamless waxing experience. Have you ever wondered why? This is because you may not be using the correct wax for your skin type. It may be a little confusing. But there is nothing to be afraid of. We have covered you!

At BIOSOFT, we always want to provide the right care for your skin. Therefore, we have navigated the wax that is right for you based on your skin. But before that, we need to understand what your skin type is and what your needs are.

How to Identify Your Skin Type?

Understanding your skin type is the key to a perfect waxing experience. This is because the main task of waxing is to remove the hair that has penetrated the skin. Everyone is born with unique skin. Your skin has a myriad of genetics, lifestyles and more. Just as your nutritional needs, so do your skin needs. This plays a major role in choosing the type of wax and the ingredients it contains. To facilitate the decision, we have categorized the skin types into board categories. Let's take a look at them.

  • Dry skin: With this type of skin, the skin is always looking for moisture. It is incapable of producing excess sebum, leading to dryness, itching and peeling.
  • Oily skin: With this type of skin, the skin produces excess sebum. It moisturizes the skin, but at the same time makes it feel oily. Oily skin has difficulty waxing because the wax does not adhere properly to the skin. But there is an immediate solution to this.
  • Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is very sensitive to internal and external factors. Signs such as itching, redness and rash are generally associated with sensitive skin. This skin type is prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, it is advisable to pay particular attention to sensitive skin.
  • Normal skin: A normal skin type with an exquisite balance between water retention and sebum production. Now that you have a good understanding of how each skin type feels, let's see which wax is best for you.

Dry Skin - Banana, White Chocolate, Argan Oil or Green Apple Liposoluble Wax

As mentioned earlier, dry skin needs a moisturizer to keep it soft and supple. In such cases, choosing a liposoluble wax that contains ingredients such as bananas and white chocolate is the right choice. Fat-soluble wax is naturally hot, loosens hair follicles and gently removes hair. On the other hand, ingredients such as banana, white chocolate, argan oil, and green apple moisturize the skin. It provides the dual effect of hydration and seamless hair removal without tampering with dry skin. After waxing, the skin is in good condition and loses its shine.

Oily Skin - Chocolate or Gold Liposoluble Wax

The best way to combat oily skin is to condition it with talc. It helps absorb excess oil and can handle waxes and even canvas. On the other hand, according to salon experts, oil-soluble waxes are best for oily skin. Chocolate or gold wax is recommended for oily skin. Both variants regenerate the skin and repel acne, a common problem with oily skin.

Sensitive Skin - Aloe Vera or Pink Liposoluble Wax

If you have sensitive skin types, then liposoluble wax are your salvation. It helps to remove your hair seamlessly without irritating your skin. It repels redness, itchiness and allergies and ensures smooth, silky skin. However, for additional care, ingredients such as aloe vera and pink (rose) are recommended. It helps to soothe your delicate skin and protect it from other external irritants.

Normal Skin - Charcoal or Pearl Liposoluble Wax

People with normal skin types are really blessed! Instead of looking for hydration, your main goal should be to detoxify your skin. This is where the liposoluble wax in charcoal works its magic. It cleanses your skin while waxing and gives you with cleaner and healthier skin. I If you want to give your skin a smooth glow, we recommend going for liposoluble wax in pearl. It helps seamless removal of hair and seals your skin with a unique shine. Now that you know the type of skin and the waxes associated with it, what hinders a seamless waxing experience? Visit now to get the right wax for your skin type. Enjoy waxing!