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Fact or Fiction: Busting 5 waxing myths at a go!

Fact or Fiction: Busting 5 waxing myths at a go!

Hair removal helps your skin feel soft and nourished. More likely than not, waxing is our pick because it keeps us fuzz-free for the longest time. However, waxing as a form of hair removal method has been prone to several myths around it. We at BIOSOFT, always want to ensure that all your concerns about waxing are resolved. So, here we are busting five of the most common myths that are lingering in your minds, right now.

Waxing during pregnancy?

For ages, pregnant ladies have been advised not to wax during their first trimester. It’s because the concerns revolve around the pain factor, the harmful effect and the risk of catching any infection. But the truth is waxing during this period is completely safe. Rather than nullifying the option, experts recommend conducting patch tests to avoid any infection on the sensitive skin. If the expecting mother has doubts regarding waxing, we recommend you to consult an expert esthetician.

Waxing makes your skin saggy

People believe that while waxing it’s your ‘skin’ that gets tugged or pulled. But in reality, the strip only pulls your hair along with the epidermis layer of your skin and not your actual ‘skin’. According to dermatologists, the removal of the epidermis layer helps in exfoliating your skin. Thereby giving you soft skin. As there is zero tugging of your actual skin, the risk of sagging gets cancelled out, completely.

Waxing eliminates the possibility of ingrown hair

If you suffer from ingrown hair, you know it arises due to improper shaving. You would switch to waxing, with the hope to completely get rid of ingrown hair. But sorry to burst your myth bubble, waxing only helps in reducing ingrown hair to a certain extent. Elimination of your ingrown hair largely depends on your skin type. You need to indulge in pre & post care and figure out what best suits your skin.

Waxing causes hair to grow sparse and finer

If you have asked your friends for waxing advice, they would have definitely told you about this one. Again, it is a myth which has been around since a while. You need to understand that your hair growth differs from one another. According to a dermatologist, the growth of your hair completely depends on your genetics and heredity. It is assumed that regular waxing causes hair to grow sparse or dense. But in reality, it does not promise in defining your hair growth. Rather it only helps in slowing down your intervals between two appointments.

Liposoluble wax hurts less than stripless wax

First, let’s understand what each does. The heat of the liposoluble wax aka soft wax opens up the pores easily. This aids the waxing process and removes the hair seamlessly. On the other hand, stripless wax aka hard wax sticks closely to the skin. It exfoliates the skin and removes hair easily. As stripless wax is more closely applied to the skin, one doesn’t feel the pain at all.

Now that your myths are busted, head to the BIOSOFT website and be amazed by the smooth results of an Italian depilatory sensation. You deserve a soft and happy skin!