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Best Time to Get Waxed: Before or After a Shower?

Best Time to Get Waxed: Before or After a Shower?

When it comes to hair removal waxing, everyone seems to have their own set of rules and defends them as the most important. There are various hair removal waxing debates, such as whether to exfoliate before your session or use soft wax versus hard wax, sugaring versus hair removal waxing, etc. Today, we'll address another frequently asked waxing guidelines on: Should you get wax before or after shower waxing? Perfect hair removal waxing depends on many seeming minor factors like these in addition to high-quality hair removal solutions, so it's critical to have the right information on waxing tips.

Here are all the waxing tips you need to know about showering and hair removal waxing.

Showering and Hair removal waxing : The Reality

The fact of the situation is that opinions on the optimal practice don't seem to be universal. While some aestheticians believe that taking a shower before hair removal waxing is not a good idea, others disagree.

We suggest taking a shower prior to your hair removal waxing appointment. This is why:

  • Working on clean skin is hygienic for the wax technician. No special shower is required; an ordinary shower will do. However, avoid taking a shower right before hair removal waxing. Take a shower a few hours or at least 30 minutes prior to your hair removal waxing appointment. This will allow your skin to dry completely and assist in bringing your body temperature back to normal.
  • Take a quick shower to open your pores and soften your skin. It is acceptable to use room temperature or lukewarm water.
  • Showering will clean the region, remove any sweat or lotion residue, and prepare it for hair removal waxing.
  • Regularly moisturize
  • Wash your face before waxing

How to Shower and Wax Before

Here are some showering tips before hair removal waxing:

  • At least 48 hours before your hair removal waxing appointment, avoid using hot water and saunas. Your skin will get dry from hot water and become more prone to irritation or infection. If you use hot water close to your hair removal waxing appointment, your chances of damaging your skin while hair removal waxing significantly rise!
  • If you've been in hot water before hair removal waxing, your skin can potentially come off. Therefore, skip the hot baths before visiting the wax spa.
  • Never exfoliate your body using a body scrub, body mitt, brush, or any other tool. To prepare your skin for hair removal waxing, exfoliation is crucial, but it must be performed around 48 hours beforehand to soften the follicle. You will reduce your skin's protective barrier and overstimulate it if you exfoliate right before hair removal waxing. Exfoliation does not replace hair removal waxing, but hair removal waxing does remove the top layer of skin, making the combination more aggressive.
  • After a shower, avoid using lotion, oil, or deodorant. It will be necessary to remove these products before hair removal waxing because they will reduce the adherence of wax to the skin. To calm and soften the skin prior to your session, use a moisturizing soap bar or body wash.
  • When getting waxed, avoid wearing tight clothing. To prevent friction and sweating after hair removal waxing, you will need loose fits and natural fabrics that enable your skin to breathe.

If you find it simple to do it yourself and believe you can do it correctly, you can clip your hair a little. This is only relevant if the hair is extremely long (more than half an inch), as very long hair will increase the pull and hence the pain during the hair removal waxing technique. You can also hold off until the wax artist assesses your hair's length to see if trimming is required. This is due to the fact that excessive clipping prevents hair from being effectively gripped and pulled out. Professionals can handle it best, but there may be an additional fee.

How to Take a Shower After a Wax

If necessary or if it makes you feel more at ease, you can also take a shower after hair removal waxing.

Always remember to exercise the following precautions:

  • After your hair removal waxing appointment, avoid taking a shower. A post-depilatory lotion will be used by your esthetician to clean the region they waxed; this will remove any wax residue, calm the skin, and keep the area clean for some time. Two hours after hair removal waxing, take a shower in lukewarm water to help your body temperature return to normal and your skin lose some of its oversensitivity.
  • Avoid using hot water, using steam, going to the sauna, or getting thermal treatments. Avoid the beach and swimming pools as well. You run the risk of getting sick if you visit these locations.
  • Avoid using excessive coloring and/or strong smells in shower items like soap or gel. After hair removal waxing, your skin doesn't require any more chemicals! Deodorants, lotions, and body mists all fall under the same prohibition.
  • Under no circumstances should you exfoliate soon after hair removal waxing. The skin is sensitive and prone to irritation because the pores are already open. It would become much more sensitive after exfoliation.
  • Instead of rubbing the skin dry, gently pat it dry.

You are aware of it now. When hair removal waxing, showering is crucial. Just make sure you take the proper safety measures at the appropriate time to prevent discomfort or irritation on your skin. To get flawless hair removal waxing results and experience the least amount of pain, premium hair removal waxing products are required. You can get everything you need at Biosoft, including a variety of waxes, hair removal waxing products starting from wax cartridge to microwave wax, and hair removal waxing accessories, all created with premium ingredients and under stringent quality control.