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Why choose Liposoluble wax

Why choose Liposoluble wax

Regular waxes are made from simple ingredients like sugar or honey, which is then chemically processed to form a thick jelly that liquefies once heated. They often leave behind thin and very short hair growth and the process is rather simple and effective.

Yet the common and widespread problem involving regular waxes is that it irritates the skin by leaving behind red marks, blemishes and is particularly not suitable for sensitive skin as it brings about the advent of scars and blemishes. Normal waxes are harsh on the skin’s surface and it is largely responsible for the growth of ingrown hair. The stripping process itself is painful and the result is an unpleasant and uncomfortable waxing experience.

The advanced LIPO Depilation system however, provides for superior hair removal with minimal pain. It is made-up of a mixture of resin extracts and vegetable oils, incorporating five core qualities:

  • Moisturization and nourishment provided by natural vegetable oils
  • Glyceryl Rosinate, a non-allergic, provides for a delicate yet superior gripping strength
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  • An easy and gentle spread provided by Titanium Dioxide that also soothes and reduces redness by venting out the extra heat
  • Added benefits of natural ingredients such as aloe and lavender that condition the skin

Advantages of liposoluble waxes:

  • Reduced pain
  • Non-allergic
  • Softer on the skin
  • Reduced risk of redness and skin blemishes
  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hair
  • Natural extracts and ingredients that are added skincare benefits
  • Is suitable for all skin types