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Confused About Which Wax to Choose?

Confused About Which Wax to Choose?

Waxing is a painful hair ripping ritual that involves the advent of rashes, allergic reactions, and inflammation. But from a hygiene standpoint, it is a necessity. And if that wasn't enough, there is the added problem of what wax to select. So to clear all your doubts and queries about the act of depilation, here’s your guide to making the right choice

The Depilation Guide

Educate yourself about the process:

Waxing is great, but know the limitations. Although the stubble may not be the same as the one you get after a shave, the risk of in-growth when you wax is much more. Use body lotions that contain lactic acid, like DCL HP Lotion, which helps get rid of follicular plugs. Also, let the hair grow out first before you wax. The less trauma you give your skin, the better.

The Area of Waxing is Important:

Always go for a patch test if you are getting any part of your body waxed for the first time. While arms, legs, back and the stomach might not be sensitive, waxing the bikini line and using wax on your face can be tricky. For a Brazilian or bikini wax, laser hair removal is the best option as the risk of painful in-growth is low.

If waxing this area is still your pick, make sure it’s done properly. The ideal way to wax these areas is to apply the wax in small patches and then apply loads of baby oil to soften the area. Use honey wax as it makes it easier to pull off the strips.

Be Choosy:

If the variety of waxes in your salon is confusing, do a background check. Use a wax that requires a low operating temperature when being applied, so as to avoid any sort of discomfort and burns.

Which wax does your salon offer?

Traditional waxes:

Honey wax or one with lemon and sugar may be harsher on the skin’s surface and often leave behind thin and very short hair growth. There is also more probability of ingrown hair. Normal waxing may not suit your skin type or soothe your skin problems. If you do opt for it, make sure you moisturize your skin well after the waxing session.

Flavored wax:

Choosing the best hair removal wax for sensitive skin comes down to assessing the ingredients in the wax products you’re looking at. If you use any old wax concoction on sensitive skin it’s a ticket to irritated skin and a definite waxing faux pas. Sensitive skin needs a little extra care when it comes to waxing, a job that can be done by using the right ingredients. Look out for wax products that contain nourishing and restorative ingredients such as aloe Vera and lavender.