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5 Reasons Why Waxing Beats Shaving!

5 Reasons Why Waxing Beats Shaving!

For most humans, undesirable hair growth is a long-term grooming concern that usually comes down to a single yet tricky and tough question, ‘to wax or to shave?’

This ONE decision can impact your everyday life. While shaving is much easier to perform, waxing can seem to be a little painful, but more time-efficient in the long run. You can't go wrong with waxing when it comes to choosing what's best for your skin!

Here are five specific reasons why you should go for waxing.

Smooth and long-lasting results.

If you wax instead, you could be as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom for almost three weeks in comparison to shaving where it only takes a few countable days for your skin to start feeling prickly. Making time to shave every few days can be difficult with our everyday busy lives. Waxing removes the hair out from its root so it has to entirely regrow, thus offering you weeks of smooth and soft skin.

No more cuts, & no more itching.

Shaving can lead to cuts and bruises. When you cut your skin, you are also prone to infection, especially if you reuse a razor.

Waxing lets for depilation without the painful nicks and cuts imposed by razor blades. Waxing offers amazing results. Also, you must know that after shaving can cause inflamed hair follicles, itching, ingrown hairs and razor burn. With waxing, it serves as a form of exfoliation.

Exfoliation guaranteed and no more hyperpigmentation.

An added benefit of waxing is that it will also aid eliminate dead skin cells. The elimination of dead skin cells will make your skin feel soft. This does not mean that you shouldn't exfoliate a few days before waxing. Several days before waxing, exfoliate your skin to avoid ingrown hair.

After shaving, some people also notice that their skin appears darker, while this is not the case after waxing. Waxing not only aids to exfoliate your skin but also doesn’t lead to hyperpigmentation.

Thinner hair regrowth.

Retaining a regular waxing routine may cause your hair regrowth to slow down. If you wax for a long time, you will notice that your hair is barely noticeable when it grows back. This is also feasible because constant waxing makes your hair follicles weaker and less feasible making them look thinner and finer. If you shave, you will be breaking the hair off at the thickest part of the follicle leading it to grow back appearing thicker.

Endless options of waxes.

Now, when you select to wax there are ample of wax solutions to choose from, making it simple to find what works ideal for your skin.

We at Biosoft have a broad range of waxes to offer which include multiple variants of Liposoluble Waxes, Roll-on waxes, Stripless waxes, etc. With such a broad range of wax options, you can select a product to suit your skin type. Especially if you have sensitive skin or dry skin, shaving will be more harmful and probably lead to irritation and bruises. A wax solution better complemented for your skin will allow for a comfortable depilation experience for you.

The bottom Line…

Regardless of which method you select, both shaving and waxing for hair removal are temporary, but waxing does last longer. It might seem like the simplest way out, but it’s certainly not the best. In an endeavour to get smooth skin, your skin can be erroneous with bumps, bruises, and even irritations and infections.

On the other hand, waxing will aid you in the long run. Wax also leaves your skin smooth because it has extracted the entire hair out, leaving no short hair. So, waxing is the solution to hair removal. Although waxing is a common procedure, it's important to follow the right steps for best results. You will never want to pick up another razor after trying waxing!

At Biosoft, we offer you with the best waxes and waxing supplies to make your waxing experience the best! Select from our wide range of waxes today at