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Staying Acne-Free After A Wax

Staying Acne-Free After A Wax

Are you suffering from a post-waxing rash or rash? If so, are you wondering if this is normal?

If you answer the question, if the hair is ripped off from your skin during a waxing session, it causes stress on your skin, causing inflammation and redness, so post-waxing breakouts and bumps is normal.

Now the question arises: can you really avoid the outbreak after waxing? The answer is yes, but there is no definite guarantee. That said, here are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of waxing. Read on to learn the secrets of acne-free skin after waxing!

Preparation is Everything

Before waxing, you require to prep your skin for the stress that it has to go through and also to make sure a comfortable waxing experience. Are you thinking how to go about prepping your skin before a wax? Here are a few tips that might help!

  • Exfoliate: It is necessary to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, oils and debris from the skin and to make sure that the wax adheres to the hair instead of the skin. You should gently peel at least one or two days before your waxing appointment. You don't have to follow a flashy exfoliating routine. Simply exfoliate the skin with a simple loofah and it will work fine.
  • Cleanse your skin, use a pre-wax gel: Pre-wax care has become a hot topic, and when mentioned, the use of pre-wax gel is certainly mentioned. When choosing a pre-wax gel, you should carefully examine the ingredients to make sure they are functioning properly. Biosoft offers a variety of pre-wax gels that are rich in natural ingredients and condition the skin for a luxurious waxing experience. It cleanses the skin, removes excess oil and dirt, and allows wax to adhere to the hair.
  • Avoid oils: The overall purpose of exfoliating and using pre-wax gel is to remove excess oil from the skin. Therefore, it is important to remember not to use oils on the skin before waxing. Now that you've read everything you need to do before waxing, let's get down to what you need to consider when waxing!

Precautions When Waxing.

  • Don’t double-dip. It is unsanitary to turn the spatula over, as there are many bacteria on the skin that can enter the wax jar from the spatula. Bleeding during waxing is also very common. Blood definitely contaminates the wax with germs, diseases, or bacteria. Double dipping should be avoided as these bacteria can cause a rash on the skin.
  • Choose the right wax. There are so many wax options on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right wax for your skin. Although the wax brand advertises the ingredients and benefits of wax, it is advisable to test the wax on the skin if it is prone to breakouts, especially if it is sensitive skin. Biosoft offers a wide range of waxes that are 90{2f1eded1f2baa57b120dae3d1b1b4bcd954cae570502e082f9de3b588d707669} natural, colophony and allergen-free, and contain different ingredients for different skin types. So it's the best option for you!
  • Use a powder. After cleansing the skin, sprinkle powder on the waxed area. This ensures that excess water and oil are absorbed and the wax and wax strips adhere properly. After careful attention to all steps to avoid waxing acne, it is of utmost importance to take care of the skin after waxing.

Post-wax Care

  • Clean it again, Use an after wax oil. After waxing the oil, wax residues help remove them and soothe the skin. How about killing two birds with one stone? Try Biosoft's After Wax Oil, which is rich in natural ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors.
  • Use a post-wax lotion. Moisturizing products such as post-wax lotion help soothe and moisturize the skin. It refreshes the skin, relaxes the skin and relieves discomfort. Are you wondering which Poswax lotion to choose? Biosoft should be your choice. Our post-wax lotion is fortified with natural ingredients, a great moisturizer, creating a protective layer that strengthens delicate follicles.
  • Don’t keep running your hands across the waxed area. To avoid further friction, do not run your hands over the waxed area as comfortably as it feels. Also, make sure your hands are clean whenever your hands touch your skin.
  • Say ‘no’ to tight-fitting clothing. Let your leggings and skinny jeans rest for a few days and stick to everything that's flowing, loose and breathable. Avoid using tight fabrics. It may increase irritation to sensitive skin.
  • Don’t pop those pimples! You may still have problems after performing all the previous steps, but don't pop these acne. When acne pops, it not only damages the skin, but can also poke or bite and bring in bacteria, increasing the risk of infection.

Finally, Enjoy being acne-free after your wax!

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