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Staying acne-free after a wax

Staying acne-free after a wax

Do you suffer from breakouts and rashes after waxing? If yes, do you wonder if it is normal?

Answering your questions, breakouts and bumps are normal after waxing as when hair is ripped off your skin during a waxing treatment, it causes stress to your skin that causes inflammation and redness.

Now the question arises, Can you really avoid breaking out after a wax? The answer is yes, but there can be no sure guarantee. Nonetheless, here are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of breaking out after a wax! Continue reading to know the secret of having acne-free skin after a wax!


Before waxing, you need to prepare your skin for the stress that it has to go through and also to ensure a comfortable waxing experience. Are you wondering how to go about prepping your skin before a wax? Here are a few tips that might help!

  • Exfoliate:
    You need to exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, oils, and debris from your skin and also to ensure that the wax adheres to the hair, rather than the skin. You must exfoliate gently, at least a day or two before your waxing appointment. You do not need to follow any fancy exfoliating routine, just using a simple loofah to exfoliate your skin will work just fine!

  • Cleanse your skin, use a pre-wax gel:
    Pre-wax care is highly spoken of, and when spoken of, usage of a pre-wax Gel is surely mentioned. When choosing a pre-wax gel, its ingredients must be scrutinized so as to ensure that it does its work right. Biosoft has a variant line of pre-wax gels that are enriched with natural ingredients and are designed to prepare your skin for a luxurious waxing experience. It helps by cleansing the skin, removing the excess oil, and dirt from over the skin, thus, ensuring that the wax adheres to the hair.

  • Avoid oils:
    The whole purpose of exfoliating and using a pre-wax gel is to get rid of excessive oil from the skin. So you must remember to avoid using any kind of oils on your skin before a wax. As you have read all that needs to be done before a wax, now let us move on to things that you need to keep in mind while waxing!


  • Don’t double-dip.
    Re-dipping the spatula is unhygienic, as a lot of bacteria resides on our skin that can travel from the spatula to the waxing jar. Also bleeding while waxing is quite common, blood will undoubtedly contaminate the wax with germs, diseases, or bacteria. This bacteria can cause breakouts on your skin and hence it is necessary to avoid double-dipping.

  • Choose the right wax.
    There are so many options of waxes out in the market, that it becomes difficult to choose the right wax for your skin. While waxing brands advertise about the ingredients and the benefits of their waxes, patch-testing of wax on your skin is suggested if you are prone to breakouts and especially if you have sensitive skin. Biosoft has a wide range of Waxes, with different ingredients to suit every skin type, and are blended with 90%natural ingredients and are colophony and allergen-free. Thus, making it the best option for you!

  • Use a powder.
    After cleansing your skin, dust a little powder over the area to be waxed. This will ensure that any excess moisture or oils are absorbed, so the wax and wax strip can adhere properly. After all the steps to avoid breakouts are carried on diligently while waxing, post-wax care of the skin is of utmost importance.


  • Clean it again, Use an after wax oil.
    After wax oils, help get rid of any wax residues and also helps to calm the skin. How's that for killing two birds with one stone? You must try Biosoft’s After-wax Oils that are enriched with natural ingredients and come in different flavors.

  • Use a post-wax lotion.
    A hydrating product, like a post-wax lotion, can help soothe and moisturize the skin. It refreshes the skin and helps relax the skin and lessens the discomfort. Wondering which Pos-wax lotion should you opt for? Biosoft should be your choice. Our, post-wax lotions are enriched with natural ingredients, that are wonderful moisturizers, creating a layer of protection that strengthens the sensitive follicles.

  • Don’t keep running your hands across the waxed area.
    As pleasing as it may feel, avoid running your hands across the waxed area to avoid further friction. Also at all times ensure your hands are clean when it comes in contact with your skin.

  • Say ‘no’ to tight-fitting clothing.
    You'll want to give your leggings and skinny jeans a break for a few days and stick with anything flowy, loose, and breathable. Avoid using tight fabrics as it can increase irritation on already sensitive skin.

  • Don’t pop those pimples!
    After all the prior steps, you might still break out, but DO NOT pop those pimples! Popping pimples can not only damage your skin, but poking and prodding can also introduce bacteria and increase your risk of infection.

Finally, Enjoy being acne-free after your wax!

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