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4 Winter Waxing Tips for Silky Smooth Skin!

4 Winter Waxing Tips for Silky Smooth Skin!

Waxing in winter might sound like a lazy affair. So, we at BIOSOFT have queued some easy waxing tips that would assure you a seamless waxing experience in this chilly season.

Winter is knocking on our doors! It’s time to snuggle into full-length sweaters and sweatpants. But does that mean you can skip your waxing appointments? Well, it’s a complete no! Rather, winter is the best month to get your hair removal session done. We at BIOSOFT always wish for the best outcome from your waxing sessions. So, today we are here with five tips that will make your winter waxing session feel like a smooth ride. Alongside, we have decoded the right technique to wax in winter and enlisted the wax which would work just right during winters.

Suitable wax for winter

  • Argan wax - Argan oil as an ingredient is rich in vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, and fatty acids. It helps in adding instant moisture to your dry skin and repairs it with each pull.
  • Dark Chocolate wax - Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that makes your skin smooth and supple. Pairing your winter holidays with dark chocolate wax surely seems like a sweet deal!

Goodbye dry skin

Dry skin is a synonym to the winter season. With the change in the weather, your skin loses its moisture and becomes dry and flaky. Waxing helps in removing the dry skin. When you apply the wax onto your skin, the wax gets a grip of your hair and also the dry skin. So, when the waxing strip is pulled, your hair and your dry skin also gets gently removed. Thereby it leaves you with soft and smooth skin.

Indulge in post-care

Winter is the prime time to indulge in post waxing care. Once your hair is waxed off, your skin hunts for something that can help it heal. Here’s where post-wax oil becomes the shining armour. The post-wax oil helps in cleaning the wax residue and locks in moisture in your skin. Once your skin has retained the moisture, you must apply a post-wax lotion. This helps in further moisturizing your freshly waxed skin and helps you stay steer clear of any bumps or ingrown hair. Thereby giving you freshly waxed smooth skin for days!

Change in hair growth

Experts say that during winters the hair growth cycle slows down. It is because the pores are more constricted which doesn’t allow your hair to grow faster. Unlike summer, where your pores are relatively more open, the hair growth is even faster. So, it becomes essential to keep the length of your hair in mind before waxing during winter.

Do not use razors

If you are an avid shaver, then you might know how pricky your skin gets post each shave. Now pair this prickly hair with dry and flaky skin during winter, doesn’t it sound like a nightmare? Your skin is already in search to fulfil its moisturizing needs. Running a razor over it is like an open invitation for harsh skin effects. The best way to stay out of this nightmare is to indulge in waxing. It ensures smooth, supple and hairless skin for days. The added benefit of waxing over shaving is the re-growth is soft.

Can’t wait to wax during winter? Then head to and find the right liposoluble wax along with pre and post gels and lotions created to soothe your skin in winters. Here’s to a smooth and hassle-free waxing session!