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Hygiene First While Waxing

Hygiene First While Waxing
You've heard it all before about hair removal waxing, the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, the sanitation maintained in the salon is something that everyone is skeptical of before coming for a wax appointment. Apart from sanitation, there are a number of additional considerations to make, such as convenience, the length of your hair removal waxing session, and so on. If you want to get all of these benefits from a single waxing session, try cartridge waxing with Biosoft wax cartridges. This is why...

It's Simple

The roll-on head on Biosoft cartridge waxing allows the aesthetician to cover huge regions of your body in one go, such as your legs and back. The roll-on head also removes the time spent distributing wax with a wooden spatula, allowing your aesthetician to simply roll on the melted wax and remove it.

It's Less Sloppy

Oh, the hot wax splashes and drips, who doesn't despise them? The Biosoft cartridge waxing have a non-drip mechanism that eliminates unintentional leakage. So no more mess, no hotter wax droplets on your skin, no more wax stains on your clothes, just silky, smooth skin.

It's Sanitary

Biosoft's wax cartridges are designed to be used for only one full body hair removal waxing session, keeping things hygienic between clients. In addition to being single-use, these cartridges contain a roll-on head that prevents the wax from rolling back in, which is essential for a sanitary wax session.