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Hygiene First While Waxing

Hygiene First While Waxing

You have heard it all before, the good, the bad and the ugly about waxing. But the one thing that everyone is sceptical about while going for a wax appointment is the hygiene maintained in the salon. Apart from hygiene there are various other factors that you have to keep in mind like the convenience, the time span of your wax session and so on. Now, if you’re looking to reap the benefits of all this out of a single wax session then you might want to give cartridge waxing with Biosoft wax cartridges a go. Here’s why…

It’s quick

Biosoft wax cartridges have a roll on head, which allows the aesthetician to cover large areas of your body like legs, and back in one go. The roll-on head also eliminates the time consumed in spreading the wax using a spatula, so all that your aesthetician has to do is roll on the melted wax and strip it off.

It’s less messy

Oh, the spills and drips of hot wax, who doesn’t hate that. Biosoft wax cartridges has a non drip system, making accidental dripping a thing of the past. So no more mess, or skin burning hot wax droplets or wax stained clothes, just silky, smooth skin.

It’s hygienic

Biosoft’s wax cartridges are ideal for only a single full body wax session thereby keeping things sterile between different clients. In addition to single usage, these cartridges are designed to have a roll on head that doesn’t allow the wax to roll back in, a must if you’re looking for a hygienic wax session.