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Things you should know about before getting your face waxed

Things you should know about before getting your face waxed
The dreaded facial hair!! The fuzz we’re all afraid of. Whether it’s the side locks, the chin or the upper lip, we won’t stop at anything until we’ve gotten rid of it. But is that really the best approach to getting rid of facial hair. After all, this does concern our beautiful faces, and we need to ensure we take every precaution to get it absolutely right. So here’s a checklist of everything you need to think about before you get your face waxed

Medication Can Affect Your Waxing

If you’re using the topical acne medications, then think once again before sitting for the facial waxing. These medications lead to thinning of the skin and increasing the sensitivity. Consult your doctor before to avoid any allergic reaction.

Do Away With Double Dipping

This is something every salon experts are guilty of doing. They dip the same stick on the wax again after using it once. It can cause bacterial infections on the skin. Ask them to use a fresh spatula to avoid post-waxing breakouts.

Choose the Right Wax

You need to pick the wax that suits your skin type. The safest pick would be all natural wax that uses natural ingredients, and is void of any petroleum products and colophony.

The Post-Waxing Redness

The skin of your face is thinner than the rest of your body. As a result, the redness after waxing will last for a few hours. If it doesn’t subside within 24 hours, then consult your doctor. To explore effective pre and post wax care solutions form BIOSOFT, visit:

How Long Will the Results Last?

The effects of facial waxing will last for 2-6 weeks depending upon the intensity and thickness of your hair. You can be sure that the results of facial waxing will last longer than any other hair removal method.

Don’t Exfoliate Your Skin After Waxing

Your skin is extremely sensitive and tender after facial waxing. Furthermore, waxing leaves your skin free of dead skin for a few days, so you won’t really need the exfoliation