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Effective Ways To Reduce Pain While Waxing!

Effective Ways To Reduce Pain While Waxing!

Waxing is the most popular method of hair removal, but the associated pain is a phobia for many. Here's a simple question: Do you remember your first hair removal waxing experience? A clenched scream in the palm as the wax strip was pulled. We were all in the same position, in this case in the same chair. At BIOSOFT, we believe in a seamless and painless hair removal waxing experience. To solve your dilemma, we've put together some effective and easy ways to calm the storm.

Wax Regularly

If you have a habit of waxing every 3-4 months, you should revisit this pattern. From a dermatologist's point of view, once the hair has grown to about 1/4 inch or the size of a grain of rice, it needs to grow. If you don't follow this, two things will happen. If your hair is too short, it will not be waxed properly. If it is too long, it will break and hurt. Balance and grow your hair once you reach the recommended size or once every 3-4 weeks to reduce pain.

Choose the Right Time of the Month

Ladies, you need to plan your waxing with this time of the month in mind. It is advisable not to consider waxing while you are in your period, as your body will experience tremendous changes during your menstrual cycle. That's because the pain on the inside is already so bad that it's not a pretty picture to add a puncture wound on the outside. But this is not a rule you can swear. If you have higher pain tolerance, you can opt for waxing.

Calm the Skin

Post-waxing care is the best way to relieve waxing pain. You need to make it part of your post-waxing ritual. Applying soothing oils and lotions will heal your skin. These post-waxed oils and lotions not only trap moisture but also help soothe the newly waxed skin layer.

Pick a Suitable Wax

You may not be using the right wax for your skin type, causing pain when waxing. Everyone is born with different skin types, so you need a tuned taste. Similarly, you need to understand which ingredients work best for your skin and make the right choices.

Let the Expert Do the Talking!

If you are new to the complexity of hair removal waxing, you may encounter a variety of waxing horrors. The painful hair removal waxing experience can be one of them. Waxing is a hair removal method that requires proper skills and techniques. It can take a lot of time to master it. The best you can do is leave it to the salon specialists. All you have to do is sit and relax! Now that the waxing pain problem has been resolved, let's start waxing. Sign up for BIOSOFT to find the best wax for your skin type. A seamless and painless experience awaits your arrival!