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All About Brazilian Waxing

All About Brazilian Waxing

We bet you have grown tired of shaving, regretted the price of laser appointments, and frowned at the results of hair removal creams. In the quest for the most convenient way to groom the intimate area, there always comes a moment when we decide to give waxing a try just to see if we're going to get that elusively satisfying result we want. That is the deciding moment for many people who become regulars because they just feel they found what they have been looking for all along: an affordable method that makes skin smooth for longer.

Of course, when it comes to intimate waxing, you have some choices to make: hard body waxes vs. soft waxes; the modest bikini or go for the full-on Brazilian. In case you decide on the latter, we want to give you the lowdown on how to prep for your very first Brazilian appointment.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxes are the type of intimate waxing where all hair at the front, the back, and everything in between is removed. The idea came from the J sisters, Brazilian women who started doing this type of waxing service back home in Brazil and brought the technique when they came to America. As time went by, Brazilian waxing became more and more popular and accepted, until now it is a service that almost every salon offers.

Why Brazilian Waxing Instead of Other Hair Removal Methods?

We all know that shaving gets you prickly very quick, that epilation is slow and rather painful, laser might not be so effective and can be very expensive, and hair removal creams can be very irritating. Why not give waxing a try? Get a Brazilian, you might just become a regular.

Which Wax is Better: Hard or Soft Wax?

Hard Wax

Hard wax allows for reapplication, which will come in handy with girls with very coarse hair and strong hair roots. Your esthetician will probably choose hard wax if she considers that she will have to go over the same area more than once.

However, hard wax can have one downside: it adheres not only to the hair but also to the skin. This can cause extra tugging on the soft tissue in the nether areas when the esthetician flicks one corner of the wax in order to pull and remove hair. A licensed esthetician knows that the best technique involves small areas at a time and swift pulling motions.

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Soft Wax

Soft wax can provide fast results with minimum tugging if the technique is done properly: spreading a thin layer of wax, pressuring the muslin strip down, and pulling it in one swift, horizontal motion.

The number one thing to keep in mind with soft wax for a Brazilian is that this type of wax does not allow re-application. When an esthetician does not have enough experience to ensure an exact application and removal technique, the client can experience extra discomfort since it may result in skin peeling.

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Now that you have a basic idea of what’s a Brazilian wax and how you should go about it,all you have to do now is to choose the best professional waxes from Biosoft’s range of natural waxes and you'll be ready to enjoy the results of a flawless Brazilian waxing.