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At-home v/s In-salon Waxing

At-home v/s In-salon Waxing

Still confused about whether to opt for at-home waxing or in-salon waxing? We at BIOSOFT are here with key aspects of each, that would definitely help you choose the right winner!

When it comes to hair removal, waxing is the most sought-after method in the market. It is easy, hassle-free and requires a little effort. But one of the major debates of the waxing arena is whether at-home waxing is better or in-salon. Many of us have monthly waxing appointments fixed while some of us love indulging in at-home waxing. Both settings have their own pros and cons.

We at BIOSOFT always want to give you the best waxing experience. So, to evaluate each of these settings, we have enlisted some aspects that will help you make a better choice. Will it be At-home or In-salon - The choice is yours.


In-salon waxing is the most convenient for working women. In this jam-packed and busy lifestyle, it becomes quite difficult for some people to find time for their grooming needs. A fixed salon waxing appointment is a great option for them to unwind. Whereas, at-home waxing comes in handy when you need a quick fix and can’t find the time to visit a salon.


Clearly, at-home waxing wins this aspect as you are in your comfort space. There’s more privacy and you are more comfortable. While this also holds true for in-salon waxing. Today, all the major reputed salons have a separate waxing room set up in their salon. Wherein your privacy is taken care of. It’s just you and the technician. So, there’s nothing to worry or even being uncomfortable.

Professional care

Waxing is a form of depilation that requires the right technique, which can be mastered only after professional training. If not done correctly, you can run the risk of ingrown hair, wax burns and much more. In-salon waxing provides you with the perfect professional care. There are no mishaps and your skin is taken care of to the tee! While at-home waxing is slightly risky but once you master the trick, there’s no stopping.


Today, sanitation practices are rigorously followed in every salon more than ever. Each of the waxing tools is sanitized and sterilized to safeguard the consumers’ health. But when you weigh it with at-home waxing, salons fall back. It's because in a salon there are multiple clients visiting each day. The level of sanitation can make or break the deal.


In-salon waxing can be a little heavy on the pocket. As there is professional care involved, the price will be steeper as compared to at-home. At-home waxing is much more profitable for your pocket. When you buy waxing supplies for at-home waxing, you buy them in bulk. It helps you get through at least two months. Making it a practical and profitable option for you.

Now that we have evaluated these aspects, what do you prefer in-salon waxing or at-home waxing? Be it any setting, you can log onto BIOSOFT and witness a range of waxing supplies that fit right in your salon or at your home. Happy waxing!