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Waxing Solutions: Natural Wax v/s Depilatory Creams

Waxing Solutions: Natural Wax v/s Depilatory Creams

A myriad of chemical-laden depilatory creams are displayed on the shelves of every supermarket and beauty shop. Although they might do the job of hair removal, they may not be necessarily gentle on your skin. What’s the solution you ask? Well, just choose natural waxing solutions that are devoid of harsh chemicals and will be sensitive towards your skin both during and after depilation. Read on to get more insight on the hidden baddies in depilatory creams and why you should blindly choose natural formulas for your next wax sesh.

Depilatory creams:

Most hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams contain strong chemicals like thioglycolic acid (TGA). It is the TGA in the cream, which breaks down the structure of the keratin to weaken the hair and dissolve it so that it can be wiped away from its follicle, just below the skin's surface.

The top layer of your skin (the epidermis) also contains keratin, which is why hair removal creams if left on for too long can cause possible adverse reactions on the skin. Remember, it is possible for an individual to develop an allergy to a product over time, even if they have used it before with no problems.

Natural Waxing Solutions

The main ingredient in waxing formulas is the resin used. Natural resins are sourced from the trunk of the trees wherein they are developed in response to injury. They act as a bandage that protects the trunk from invading insects and pathogens while the bark heals. When these resins are used to manufacture waxes, they are also modified and purified to make them suitable for all skin types. However, there are different types of resins, and the one you and your skin need to stay away from are the low quality ones because they are usually not purified which can cause skin hypersensitivity, redness, itching and dermatitis. Biosoft waxes are formulated with the purest derivative of natural resin – Glyceryl Rosinate. Unlike colophony, the most widely used ingredient and known skin irritant, Glyceryl Rosinate is non-allergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Apart from resins, a good quality natural wax will be formulated with vegetable oils (like the Biosoft Liposoluble waxes) instead of petroleum based compounds. This ensures that your skin is left moisturized and not irritated.

Now the question that arises is which natural wax formula to choose? Well, none can compare to the advanced yet naturally formulated range of Biosoft premium Italian waxing solutions. Biosoft waxes are 100{2f1eded1f2baa57b120dae3d1b1b4bcd954cae570502e082f9de3b588d707669} natural and devoid of any harsh chemicals making it extremely skin friendly for even sensitive skin types.