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5 ways to avoid breakouts after a waxing session

5 ways to avoid breakouts after a waxing session

Getting waxed is undoubtedly the best method of hair removal. Waxing helps you de-tan your skin and leaves it soft and supple. But breaking out after your waxing session is a common dilemma. Your skin tries to repair itself after every hair removal process and the red bumps on your skin are its natural response. Don’t try to pop them, you’ll only make them worse. We bring to you a list of tips and tricks that will help you eliminate red bumps on your skin after every waxing appointment. Instead, you’ll have soft, nourished and hair-free skin.

Let your skin breathe!

Your skin is your body's biggest organ and letting it breathe is very important. The pores on your skin are exposed after getting waxed. Avoiding wearing tight clothes for 48 hours, will help let your skin breathe. Opting for breathable and loose clothes will reduce the chances of formation of bumps and acne.

Skip on that workout routine today

Avoiding sweat to seep into your open pores is a good way to prevent the formation of red bumps. An intense workout is one of the major causes of profuse sweating. This can be the perfect excuse to skip your work out for the day. If you do choose to workout after your waxing appointment, choose a light workout.

Ensure pre and post wax care

Waxing can sometimes cause some discomfort, as your skin isn’t prepared for what’s coming. Inflammation post waxing is a common phenomenon. Pre care helps in getting your skin ready for the procedure and post-care soothes the freshly opened pores. Overall pre & post care, soothes your skin and keeps acne at bay!

Keep the waxed area clean

Hygiene and sanitation is an important factor to reduce irritation in your skin. After your waxing session, maintaining your skin's hygiene and cleaning it at regular intervals is essential. Post waxing, your skin becomes sensitive and needs some extra care. Cleaning your skin with a soft cloth at regular intervals will ensure that it is free of any oils, dirt and grime. This will help your skin stay clean and avoid formation of bumps. Your skin is sensitive for the next 48 hours after any method of hair removal which is why you need to put in extra care.

Steer clear of hot showers

After a tiring day, hot baths can be relaxing, but after being freshly waxed, they are a complete no. Hair removal leads to open pores and pouring hot water over your skin will result in the drying of your skin and aggravate irritation. This will also increase your chances of encountering ingrown hair. Avoiding hot baths and steam rooms for 24 hours helps your skin heal from within.

Following these simple tips and tricks will make sure your skin is free of any bumps and redness. BIOSOFT’s complete waxing solutions are a viable choice to cater to all your waxing needs. With no acne to worry about, it is time to show off those soft, smooth and hairless legs!