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Waxing facial hair guide 101!

Waxing facial hair guide 101!

Waxing facial hair can definitely be intimidating. To resolve your trouble, we at BIOSOFT have put together the ideal waxing guide for facial hair which entails all the dos and don’ts.

Facial hair is quite natural and normal. But many of us do want to get rid of it. While there are unlimited techniques of facial hair removal, our eyes always pick the real winner which is ‘waxing’. Waxing gets rid of all the fine hair in just one strip. Be it the upper lip, unibrow or the overgrown eyebrows, waxing does a best job in all the spots. It seamlessly eliminates the hair from its roots and leaves you with smooth skin. A skin on which your makeup will glide on quite effortlessly.

But just like your body waxing, there are some significant things that you need to know before waxing your facial hair. We at BIOSOFT believe in offering you with the best waxing solutions. So today, we have brought a guide of dos and don’ts that you require to practice while waxing facial hair.

How to Wax Facial Hair

  • Clean your face with a cleanser and apply a pre-waxing gel.
  • Now, apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, using a wooden spatula.
  • If you are using liposoluble wax aka soft wax, put the facial hair removal strip on the applied wax and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • If you are using stripless wax aka hard wax, then you need to just pull the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Use a soothing post-wax gel on the waxed area.

Should You Wax Before or After a Facial?

Do not wax or go for a facial treatment on the same day. Experts suggest to space out your waxing and facial appointments in a span of two days.

Do's: Choose the Right Wax

Your facial skin is very thin and delicate as compared to the rest of the body. So, it is of very significance that you choose a wax that is gentle on your skin. It requires to be in accord with your skin type. This helps you prevent from any kind of infections.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature

While doing facial hair wax, you require to be extra attentive about the temperature of your wax. As your facial skin is very sensitive, the risk of running a burn is even higher. To prevent of such burns, you need to use low melting temperature wax heaters. The other option is, after dipping the wooden spatula in the wax, remove it and let the wax on the spatula cool down for a few seconds. This will properly ensure that your face is saved from any wax burns.

Keep the Length in Mind

Just like your body hair, the length of the facial hair also matters. It’s because if the facial hair is too fine then it becomes hard for the wax to get the right grip. If the wax is not able to grip onto the hair, then you are left with unfair facial hair.

Conduct Patch Tests

There are different types of wax in the market that may or may not go well with your skin. Each of the wax holds ingredients that might work best for you and cause allergies to someone else. As the facial skin is very sensitive, dermatologists suggest conducting patch tests. This aids in comprehending which wax works best for you. It also prevents you from any possible infections and allergies.

Don't: Do not Wax the Same area Twice

If you are new to facial waxing then this is the first don’t that you need to practice thoroughly. Do not wax in the same area twice. As mentioned earlier, your facial skin is very delicate. While waxing, your epidermis layer is also waxed off. Due to this, your skin is sensitized for a brief period of time. Which is why we suggest not waxing the same area twice. Therefore to avoid such situations it is best to opt for a good quality wax that removes the hair in just one go.

Don't shave

Never shave your face! It’s because when you shave, the hair is chopped off from the middle and is not removed from the roots. This leaves you with a prickly skin texture and thicker and darker hair. The other drawback to shaving is you need to keep shaving every other day to keep your skin from getting too dry and prickly. When you apply makeup over such skin, your facial hair gets even more highlighted. It's best to let your facial fuzz grow and then wax it off.

Avoid Swimming or Workouts

After waxing your facial hair, experts suggest that you shouldn't go for a swim. It’s because your skin goes into restore mode. It is already very sensitive and if your skin comes in contact with the chlorine added to the water, there are some problems bound to happen. Similarly, it is said that you should skip out on workouts. It’s because after waxing your pores are opened. If you work out thoroughly, you will sweat. This sweat will clog your pores and leave you with acne and pimples.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of waxing facial hair, let’s begin waxing! You can log onto and select your favorite stripless wax. They are super soft on the skin and provide a seamless waxing experience.