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All you need to know about Roll-on Wax.

All you need to know about Roll-on Wax.

Looking for a waxing solution that is mess-free and easy to use? You don’t need to search any further, we got you a solution! Our roll-on waxes offer a practical method of depilation that is a safe and hygienic alternative to traditional waxing.
Biosoft’s Roll-on Waxes have been specially formulated for ease of use on all skin and hair types. But how much do you know about them? We'll take you through everything you need to learn about roll-ons.

What is Roll-on wax?

Roll-on waxes come as a set of single-use wax cartridges. A roll-on is a cartridge that contains soft wax, the same that you get in wax cans. The wax is filled in a hard plastic cartridge and has a plastic cap that helps close the cartridge.

How to use Biosoft’s Roll-on Wax:

Besides the Roll-on wax cartridge, you will need a few other items, namely a Roll-on wax heater, wax strips, a pre-wax gel, an after wax oil, and a post-wax lotion.

Now, using our roll-on wax is easy!

  • Simply, begin by putting the cartridge in our Roll-on wax heater, let the wax heat for around 15 minutes.
  • In the meanwhile you can prep your skin with a Pre-wax gel, to prepare your skin for depilation. You can get yourself the best pre-wax gel from us which is available in 4 variants.
  • When the wax is heated, Hold the cartridge at approximately 45° angle and apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Roll the cartridge quickly over the skin to ensure even and thin application.
  • Then, using a wax strip, pull the wax off swiftly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Finally, after waxing, use an after wax oil to cleanse the skin and get rid of wax residues, and then condition your skin with a post-wax lotion, that will soothe irritated skin.

Benefits of Using Roll-on Waxes:

  • No more Cross-contamination: Eliminating double-dipping, directly eliminates cross-contamination. Roll-on cartridges contain a perfect amount of wax for one or several treatments and they can be used on a single client without the risk of contamination since the remaining wax in the cartridge never touches the skin nor is exposed to the outside. So there is no risk of external agents like airborne bacteria, dust, or hair getting into the roller.
  • Roll-on wax cartridges can be replaced: Once the contents of the cartridge is over, you can easily replace the cartridge and continue waxing.
  • Heats evenly: Roll-ons are heated evenly in a suitable roll-on heater which allows the whole application process to be done without delays.
  • .Suitable for Large and small areas: Roll-on waxing is suitable for both large areas such as the legs and arms and even for small areas such as the face. Even the bikini line can be waxed with a roll-on wax.

Biosoft’s Roll-on Wax Variants:

Blended and enriched with the finest, natural ingredients, these roll-on waxes will provide the best roll-on wax hair removal experience! Skim through our variants of roll-on waxes and discover which one is right for you! Our Roll-on Wax Variants include:

  • Charcoal Creme Wax Cartridge
  • White Chocolate Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Pearl Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Pink Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Gold Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Green Apple Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Chocolate Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Banana Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Argan Creme Wax Cartridge
  • Aloe Vera Creme Wax Cartridge

Roll-On Kit:

All the accessories, supplies and tools that will make using your roll-on wax easy and efficient are all in our Roll-on kit. The Roll-on kit includes: a Roll -on wax Heater, a pack of 3 Roll-on wax cartridges, a pack of 100 wax strips, a Pre-wax Gel, an after wax oil, and a carry pouch. So why look places when you can get all of it in one kit, right?

We hope this conclusive guide to roll-ons helped you decide to include it in your waxing treatments. Now to find the best quality Roll-on waxes and waxing supplies, head to A wide range of roll-on wax cartridges and roll-on accessories is waiting for you.