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Facial hair bothering you?

Facial hair bothering you?

Only a very small percentage of women are blessed with naturally fuzz free faces, despite the media portraying this aesthetic as the norm. Just look at the likes of Frida Kahlo who donned her famous brows proudly in her paintings – but while we’re all for owning what Mother Nature gave us, many prefer a smoother and softer look. For that reason, we are going to give you the lowdown on things you need to know about facial waxing.

How to prep your face for waxing?

  • Clean skin, free of products - Keep your skin clean and free of lotions, moisturizers, and makeup. The cleaner your face, the better your wax specialist will be able to cleanly remove the hair.
  • No tanning - If skin is sunburned, your wax specialist will not be able to perform the service.
  • Be aware of medications - Inform your wax specialist of any skin medications you may be taking. Certain acne medicines can cause skin irritations when combined with waxing.
  • Ditch that tweezer - If you’ve plucked or shaved the area before your treatment, you’ll need to allow for enough growth for the waxing to work effectively. Experts suggest a hair length of between ¼ inch to a ½ inch for best results.
  • No chemical treatments - It’s also advised that you stop using any acid products or skin peels around 3 to 4 days before your waxing appointment. This will help to prevent post-waxing skin irritation.
  • Early prep - For this reason, experts recommend that clients moisturise well the night before.
  • Check for cuts - Generally, it’s preferred that the face is as free of cuts and blemishes as possible, but experts advise clients not to go overboard with exfoliating. This could aggravate the skin, actually making it more sensitive to a waxing treatment. Instead, just make sure you’re cleansing your skin properly in the build up to your appointment.

What is the ideal wax for facial waxing?

The hair prone areas on your face are upper lip, chin, sideburns, the area of the cheeks near sideburns and eyebrows of course. Now, the go-to for getting rid of facial hair on upper lip and eyebrows is usually threading, which is more painful than waxing and no woman can deny this. And considering the higher degree of pain involved in threading, we can’t even imagine using this method for the rest of our face.

What’s the better option you ask?

The lesser painful option i.e waxing. Now we aren’t recommending just any regular honey wax, but a wax that gets less recognition than it deserves. Yes, we’re talking about Biosoft’s stripless waxes. These waxes feature a blend of pure natural ingredients and modern research to give you a depilation that’s like no other. Made from extremely stable and purified hydrocarbon resins and natural vegetable oils, the result is a depilatory solution that spreads easily and ideal for waxing sensitive areas like the face and effectively gets rid of even the tiniest facial hair. What’s more? It’s next to painful and super gentle on the skin.

So, next time you think of getting a facial wax done, you know which wax to use.