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Facial hair bothering you?

Facial hair bothering you?

Despite the media's portrayal of this style as the norm, only a small fraction of women has naturally fuzz-free faces. Consider Frida Kahlo, who openly displayed her famed brows in her paintings - but while we're all for owning what Mother Nature gave us, many people prefer a smoother and softer look. As a result, we'll give you the skinny on everything you need to know about facial hair removal waxing.

How Should You Prepare Your Face for Hair Removal Waxing?

  • Skin that is free of products - Maintain clean skin free of lotions, moisturizers, and makeup. The cleaner your face is, the easier it will be for your wax specialist to remove the hair.
  • No tanning – Your wax specialist will be unable to execute the service if your skin is burnt.
  • Medication - Notify your wax specialist of any skin drugs you are using. When certain acne medications are used with hair removal waxing, they can irritate skin.
  • Get rid of the tweezer - If you've already plucked or shaved the region, you'll need to allow for adequate growth for the hair removal waxing to operate properly. For the greatest effects, experts recommend a hair length of 14 to 12 inches.
  • No chemical treatments - It is also recommended that you refrain from using any acid products or skin peels 3 to 4 days before to your waxing appointment. This will help to reduce skin irritation after hair removal waxing.
  • Early preparation - As a result, specialists advise clients to moisturise well the night before.
  • Check for cuts - While it is preferable that the face be as free of cuts and blemishes as possible, professionals urge customers not to exfoliate excessively. This may irritate the skin, making it more susceptible to hair removal waxing treatments. Instead, just make sure you're adequately washing your skin in the days leading up to your visit.

What is the Best Wax for Hair Removal Waxing the Face?

Upper lip, chin, sideburns, cheeks near sideburns, and, of course, eyebrows are hair-prone places on your face. Threading is now the go-to method for removing facial hair on the upper lip and brows, which is more uncomfortable than waxing and no woman can refute this. And, given the increased level of agony required in threading, we can't picture employing this approach on the rest of our face.

What is the Superior Option, You Ask?

Hair removal waxing is the least unpleasant alternative. Now, we're not just recommending any old honey wax, but one that gets less credit than it deserves. Yes, we're discussing Biosoft's stripless wax. These stripless wax combine pure natural ingredients with cutting-edge research to provide a depilation experience unlike any other. The result is a depilatory solution that spreads easily and is suitable for waxing sensitive areas like the face, successfully removing even the tiniest facial hair. It is made from exceptionally stable and pure hydrocarbon resins and natural vegetable oils. What else? It's nearly painless and quite mild on the skin.

So, the next time you consider getting a face wax, you'll know which wax to use.