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Why Is Winter The Best Time To Wax?

Why Is Winter The Best Time To Wax?

Many of us forgo body hair removal when the temperature drops and getting dressed each morning necessitates donning multiple layers of clothes because, well, what's the need?

The ideal time of year to wax, according to experts, is really during the winter.

We are more prone to let our body hair grow during the colder months, making it easier to remove without the hair breaking. Your hair will be cut off at the root as a result, and by doing this throughout the winter, your hair growth will have slowed down by summer (which means less hair removal procedures in the warm weather, yay!). When the sun returns, the hair will also become sparser and thinner, making it easier to remove.

Hair removal waxing gives you smoother skin by removing the dry, dead skin that accumulates during the winter.

Additionally, moisturizers can be absorbed more quickly and effectively into waxed skin.  There are a few things to think about, though, because the winter is full of festive gatherings and Christmas parties. On the day of any special event you are attending, avoid hair waxing because those with really sensitive skin may have very slight redness or blotchiness. Within a day or two, things will quiet down. We also advise delaying getting waxed if you planned to do it after a drunken Christmas lunch with friends or co-workers.

Another thing to keep in mind is to delay waxing for a few hours after consuming alcohol because, contrary to popular perception, stimulants can make skin more sensitive. Additionally, avoid waxing after any kind of exercise because sweat can lead to ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

The skin will be less sensitive if you keep up a regular waxing schedule. With repeated waxing, the hair follicle's hold on the hair to be pulled loosens over time, making the hairs easier to remove.

So, how can you ensure that getting a wax is as painless as possible? To do nothing, that is.

Prior to your wax treatment, avoid shaving or plucking your hair because too-short hair strands may not be removed effectively. For waxing, a length of 4-6mm is ideal.


The Argan oil cream roll on wax cartridge from Biosoft is a high-quality waxing product that offers quick and painless depilation. The Liposoluble Wax in the roll on wax cartridge is incredibly hydrating and ideal for all skin types. Argan oil cartridge wax hair removal hydrates and moisturizes the skin, improves suppleness, and softens dry skin because it is loaded with vitamins, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Biosoft's argan oil cartridge wax is dermatologically tested, Colophony and Allergen Free and is made up of more than 90{2f1eded1f2baa57b120dae3d1b1b4bcd954cae570502e082f9de3b588d707669} natural components. This cartridge wax roller is a one-time use alternative to waxing that is painless and hygienic. Also, it has amazing performance and won't break even in cold, dry weather.

Premium waxing products are necessary to get faultless waxing outcomes with the least amount of discomfort. Everything you need, including a wide range of waxes, hair removal waxing products ranging from wax cartridges to microwave wax, and hair removal waxing accessories, can be found at Biosoft. All of these products are made with premium ingredients and are subjected to strict quality control.