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5 At-home Mistakes You Should Avoid While Waxing

5 At-home Mistakes You Should Avoid While Waxing

We all know it by now, waxing surely is superior to other forms of depilation. Waxing is long-lasting, the most effective, and provides great results. However, waxing needs to be done correctly to get optimum results. While getting waxed by a professional, there isn’t much to be worried about, but while waxing at home you need to be a little more careful. But worry not, we at BIOSOFT have you covered. We bring to you a list of common mistakes we make while waxing at home and how you can avoid them.

Not prepping your skin

Prepping your skin is key to a smooth and even wax. Wipe your skin with a damp cloth or tissue and ensure it is free of all dirt, sweat, and grime. Pat the skin dry after. Using pre-wax gels or lotions will ensure your skin locks in the hydration and isn’t too dry or flaky after the waxing is done. Applying talcum powder generously to your skin before the wax also ensures a smooth and close waxing experience.

Using too much wax

While waxing, you only require a very thin layer of wax on each part of your skin. The thin layer of wax grips onto your hair and ensures them to be pulled out in one swift motion. Applying a thick layer of wax will result in uneven removal of hair. It can also leave some wax residue on your skin. Using a thin layer of wax in this scenario is the best solution. Also, to remove the wax residue you can simply place another fresh wax strip, warm it up slightly and pull swiftly. Applying thick layers of wax also leads to unnecessary wastage of the waxing liquid.

Getting the liquid wax to the right temperature

While waxing, one of the most crucial steps is to get the wax to the right temperature. The temperature of the wax is directly related to how effectively the hair is pulled out. If your wax is too cold, it won’t adhere to the skin well and will lump when applied to the skin. If the wax is too hot, you are at the risk of burning your skin. To avoid this, heat room temperature wax for about 5-7 mins before applying it to your skin. Ensure that the consistency is like caramel and is easy to apply on the skin.

Avoid applying wax around wounds

If you have any fresh or open cuts or bruises, it is best to avoid that area while waxing. The damaged part of the skin deteriorates even more with hot wax and then pulling out action. So to avoid any further damage, it is best to let the wound heal completely before waxing around it.

Be swift while waxing!

While waxing yourself, it might be tempting to pull the wax off slowly. There is an illusion that slowly pulling the strip is less painful. This isn’t true. You need to make sure that you are being swift and quick while pulling the strip. This will ensure that the hair comes off properly and the pain too is controlled.

Now that you are completely well-versed with the nitty-gritty of waxing, you surely would ace the depilation process. To achieve the best waxing experience, log on to BIOSOFT waxing solutions, and scroll through the best waxing products that ensure comfortable and seamless waxing.