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How to treat wax burn like a pro!

How to treat wax burn like a pro!

Without any doubt, waxing is the easiest way to achieve a seamless depilation process. Right from its ability to remove hair from the roots to leaving your skin with a hint of glow, waxing is the champion of all! But just like every coin has a flip side, so does waxing. Wax burns is one such flip side of waxing amongst a few others. It is a common problem faced by individuals who indulge in at-home waxing. Sometimes, it even tends to leave a scar on your skin. At BIOSOFT, as we believe in providing perfect waxing solutions for your skin, we’ve decoded the reason behind wax burns. Alongside we have laid out four easy steps to treat it like a pro!

How does wax burn occur?

The goodness of waxing lies in the technique and the temperature. While one gets used to the technique through practice, you need to keep an eye on the temperature. Opting for an adjustable temperature wax pot is the most viable option. In some cases, the quality of wax also plays a role in causing a wax burn. It is highly recommended to conduct a patch test before diving deeper.

If you ever come across such mishaps, here are four easy and quick steps that will help you treat your wax burns.

Remove the excess wax

Your first action while treating the wax burn is to remove the wax residue. You need to remove it very gently, do not attempt to remove it with bare hands. To aid the process, apply petroleum jelly. This will loosen up the wax. Once the wax is loose enough, take a clean gauze to wipe the residue.

Use cold compress

You need to quickly soothe the affected area. Applying ice wrapped in a cloth or placing a cold pack for 5 to 10 minutes does the job well. Another way of soothing the skin is by using a wet cloth and placing it on the affected area. You can even use milk as it is another potent product that soothes the skin. Remember never apply extremely cold water or ice directly on the skin.

Apply an ointment

Once you soothe the affected area, your next step is to apply an ointment. This is a best option to further heal your skin. Apply a thin layer of ointment and let your skin breathe for a while. Once the ointment has dried, if required you can apply a bandage over it.

Do not peel the dry skin

As the days pass by you will notice that your skin has started to scale away. There is another layer of skin that will be forming underneath the dried skin. This is part of the overall healing process. The best thing you can do is not to peel off the skin all by yourself. Let it wear out and separate from your skin itself.

Apply soothing gels

This is the last step that you need to include in your skin treatment. After 10 or 15 days, apply a water-based soothing gel or after wax oils to your skin. It will further help your skin to heal faster. Leaving it supple and back to its original state.

Wax burns are surely painful. To stay steer clear of this waxing horror opt for BIOSOFT heaters which melts wax at a low temperature. Thereby giving you a comfortable at-home waxing experience.