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How To Prevent Ingrown Hair, While Waxing

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair, While Waxing

Have you ever had black spots or pimples on your skin after a depilation procedure? It's very likely that those patches are ingrown hair. Ingrown hair, often known as strawberry legs, is a type of ingrown hair that occurs on the legs. Ingrown hair makes your skin rough and uneven, giving it a texturized appearance.

At BIOSOFT, we pride ourselves on offering the best hair removal waxing solutions. So, here's a step-by-step approach to understanding what causes ingrown hair and how to avoid it with simple pre- and post-care.

What Are Ingrown Hair and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

The hair follicle usually grows inside your skin rather than reaching out after hair removal waxing or shaving. It returns to its original shape, forming a hump on your skin. It causes redness in the skin and can sometimes evolve into a cyst, depending on your skin type. This, in turn, causes pus to leak out. It is strongly advised that you should not squeeze it because you may wind up pulling the hair deeper into the skin. On the other side, you may run the danger of transferring bacteria into the pores, resulting in an infection.

Ingrown Hair Have a Variety of Causes

Ingrown hair is most commonly caused by improper hair removal waxing or shaving. If the waxing professional isn't adequately trained, there's a chance your hair won't be entirely pulled out. You may experience hair breakage, which can contribute to ingrown hair. Ingrown hair are frequently caused by clogged pores or dead skin cells.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

This has been the century's most important question! There is no scientific evidence that ingrown hair can be entirely removed. But don't give up hope; pre wax and post wax hair removal treatment can help to lessen its appearance.

Pre Waxing Treatment

Ingrown hair can be treated with gentle exfoliation. It not only aids in the hair removal of dead skin cells, but it also aids in the loosening of hair follicles. This allows for a smooth hair removal waxing experience, which removes hair from the root. Your hair will not be waxed off from the root if this procedure is not followed exactly. Hair breakage and ingrown hair are common side effects. Pre wax gels are another possible alternative for preventing in-grown hair. These gels aid in the retention of moisture and the preparation of your skin for a smooth waxing experience.

After Waxing Treatment

As your skin is pulled and tugged during hair removal waxing, it requires time to heal. A post wax lotion is a good choice because it moisturizes your skin. As a result, your skin and pores will be soothed. It is also recommended that loose clothing be worn to allow the skin to breathe. The following day, apply a rich moisturizer on your skin. This will aid in the hydration of your skin and the attainment of soft skin.

If all else fails and you still want to get rid of the ingrown hair, carefully pluck it out with a sterile tweezer or needle. This is a difficult task because the hair is usually found deep beneath the skin's surface and can be hazardous if removed wrongly. If severe discomfort persists, you should see your doctor or a dermatologist.

Using high-quality products can assist to reduce the danger of ingrown hair. Visit the BIOSOFT website to see a vast choice of products and get a hair removal waxing experience like no other.