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How to prevent ingrown hair, while waxing

How to prevent ingrown hair, while waxing

Have you ever come across black spots or bumps on your skin, post any depilation session? There is a high chance that those spots are ingrown hair. Sometimes known as, Strawberry legs, ingrown hair is an extension of this arena. Ingrown hair makes your skin rough and gives you a texturized, uneven skin.

Our virtue at BIOSOFT is to provide you with the best waxing solutions. So, here’s a detailed guide on what causes ingrown hair and how one can avoid it with easy pre and post-care.

What are ingrown hair?

Post waxing or shaving, the hair follicle tends to grow inside your skin, instead of reaching out of your skin. It curls back forming a bump on your skin. Depending on your skin type, it adds redness to the skin and sometimes turns into a cyst. Which in turn, oozes out pus. It is highly recommended to avoid squeezing it, as you could end up pushing the hair deeper into the skin. On the other hand, you could even run into the risk of spreading bacteria into the pores thereby causing an infection.

Causes of ingrown hair

Improper waxing or shaving is the prime reason for ingrown hair. While waxing, if the technician isn’t trained properly, there are chances that your hair might not get pulled out completely. You might face hair breakage which will eventually lead to ingrown hair. Clogged pores or dead skin cells play a significant role in causing an ingrown hair.

Can you get rid of ingrown hair?

This has been the question of the century! There aren’t any proven facts that one can get completely rid of ingrown hair. But don’t lose hope, you can reduce its appearance by indulging in pre & post waxing care.

Pre-waxing care

Gentle exfoliation is the answer to pesky ingrown hair. It not only helps to get rid of dead skin cells but also to loosen up the hair follicles. This aids in a seamless waxing experience which in turn removes the hair from its root. If this step is not followed religiously, your hair won’t be waxed off from its root. Leaving you with problems like hair breakage and ingrown hair. Another viable option to keep in-grown hair at bay is using pre wax gels. These gels help in locking in the moisture and preparing your skin for a seamless waxing experience.

Post-waxing care

During waxing, as your skin goes through pulling and tugging, it needs time to heal. Post-wax lotion is a suitable option as it adds moisture to your skin. Thereby helping your skin and your pores to soothe. Additionally, it is suggested that one should wear loose clothes to let the skin breathe. The next day, you can lather your skin with a thick moisturizer. This will help in hydrating your skin and help you achieve supple skin.

If all else fails and you want to get rid of the ingrown hair, you can opt to use a sterile tweezer or needle to gently pull it out. This is a very tricky act, as most of the time, the hair is deep below the skin surface and can be harmful if removed incorrectly. If major irritation persists, contacting your local doctor or dermatologist is advisable.

Using products of high quality can help in reducing the risk of ingrown hair. Head over to the BIOSOFT website to check out a wide range of products and experience waxing like never before.