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Everything you need to know about underarm waxing

Everything you need to know about underarm waxing

Male or female, waxing is also the best option when it comes to removing underarm hair. Why? Softness for weeks compared to having to use a razor on practically a daily basis. It's a pretty solid argument, don't you think?

To make sure you have an excellent experience with waxing this sensitive body part, here are the top tips on how to prepare your skin, what wax to choose and how to treat your underarm after waxing.

Just like anywhere else on your body, we recommend gently exfoliating the area before waxing. This removes dead cells and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

If the hair is too long (more than a centimetre, or a little less than half an inch), you can trim it to minimize pulling. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask your beautician.

Follow by washing the area with soap and drying thoroughly. We suggest refraining from using deodorant on the day you visit your salon to wax your underarms. Remember, don't drink caffeine or alcohol or consume a lot of sugar on the day of your appointment, since they can increase the feeling of pain and bleeding.

For all you newbies, make sure to analyse your skin type first and choose the softest and most effective wax for the underarm area. Our striplesss, with its strong grip and no-strip application, is soft on the skin, prevents irritation, and is the perfect choice for sensitive skins.

Keep your arm as tight as possible, ensuring that your skin is taught while it's getting waxed. This will help your beautician apply the treatment and minimize the effects of the pulling.

Once the hair has been removed, any wax residue should be removed with a cleansing and soothing product to prevent folliculitis and bacteria growth.