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3 Waxing tips for brides-to-be

3 Waxing tips for brides-to-be

Waxing removes hair for a longer period of time and with better results than any other method, making it a sure choice for brides-to-be. It removes the hair at the root and not just at skin level. Also, a waxing session right before the wedding will ensure that you don’t need to shave throughout your wedding and honeymoon, making you feel comfortable in your flowy dresses and basically anything that you choose to wear. Choosing waxing over shaving will make sure you don’t get any prickly hair growth in just a few days after getting rid of your hair, no ingrown, zero razor cuts and you will be able to enjoy smooth and hairless skin for at least a month.

Although the road to waxing is smoother than shaving, we want to make sure you have a dreamy waxing experience just like your marriage. So, we listed down 3 waxing tips to help you with your bridal prep.

Bridal Waxing Tips:

Choose a Good Quality Wax

Don’t forget to choose quality waxes for any bridal waxing service that you go for. Biosoft has a wide range of premium waxing solutions that are natural and effective to make sure you have a comfortable and caring waxing experience. If you’re looking for good quality soft wax option, then Biosoft’s Liposoluble Cream waxes should be your go-to. The formula uses natural ingredients like resins and vegetable oils. Gold Liposoluble would be an ideal option to pick if you are looking out for radiant smooth skin post waxing . The roll-on waxes in the liposoluble range are a more hygenic option especially when you just can't afford to take risks. Another great soft wax option is the superior HD titanium formula of Microwave Wax. It helps in the removal of ingrown hair and ensures a silky smooth result for your skin. Apart from soft waxes, the Peelables – a form of hard wax that comes in the form of beads, helps with hair removal on sensitive areas like face, underarms, etc.

Don’t Skip on Pre and Post Waxing Rituals

Always remember, a good waxing session should always comprise of a relaxing pre and post waxing treatments, especially for brides prepping for their big day. A pre waxing gel will ensure your skin is cleaned down and all the dirt is removed, helping better wax adherence for a smoother hair removal process. A post waxing treatment will help remove any wax residues, calm the skin and is undoubtedly the best way to finish your bridal waxing session.

Add a Nourishing Paraffin Therapy to Your Mani and Pedi

It is typical for every bride to go for a pampering manicure and pedicure before her wedding. However, if you’re looking for some extra relaxation and nourishment, then a paraffin add on service to your bridal mani and pedi is the way to go. Paraffin therapies have a deeply hydrating effect and leaves the skin soft, silky, and protected from intense drying by external agents like weather and climate changes. It also acts like a relaxing and rejuvenating heat therapy for stiff muscles and joints, as it effectively improves blood circulation. The therapy also allows better absorbtion of any active ingredients applied thereafter.