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We are always worrying about which wax is suitable for our skin and even whether the ingredients of the wax are desirable. But have you ever thought about the tools you use? It might take you by surprise but the spatula, a key tool for waxing, does play a very crucial role. Biosoft’s Spatulas are made of wood, which is excellent to be used for a smooth waxing procedure. It is said that wax goes on smoother with metal, but a wooden spatula helps in the smooth application of wax and is also more Hygienic and can be thrown out after usage.

Biosoft’s Wooden Spatula can help to avoid the possibility of shock, which could be caused when using old and low-quality waxing heaters that can lead to faulty connections and lead to an electrical shock. Using metal spatulas may at times lead to electric mishaps. Wooden Spatulas are convenient as they are made for single use and help to avoid double-dipping and dispose of them after usage. They’re also made from renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable material so you get to do your bit for the environment. It has rounded ends for easy application. This product can be used almost everywhere regardless of skin type, part of the body, and even wax consistency. While the sturdy functionality is a great reason to choose this product, this spatula is also the reason behind a smooth and precise wax application.

  • This product is available in a pack of 100 pieces.

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High-quality small wooden applicators for flawless application of wax on small areas. Great for facial hair.

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