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Biosoft Parafin Wax ( Buy 1 Get 2 free)

Aloe vera: A natural skin moisturiser and soother, Biosoft 's aloe vera paraffin wax fights premature ageing and reduces the onset of acne and inflammation. This paraffin wax nourishes the skin with beneficial elements, improves tone and elasticity.

Shea butter: Rich in natural vitamins, Biosoft's shea butter paraffin wax works towards skin nourishment, especially for dry skin. This shea paraffin wax boosts the production of natural collagen, and eliminates free radicals, wrinkles and blemishes.

Peach: Enriched with vitamin C, Biosoft's peach paraffin wax helps improve skin texture, restores skin collagen and effectively conditions and tones dry rough skin. This peach paraffin wax is specifically designed to soften and help even the most worn, callused, and cracked extremities.

One way to melt the paraffin wax gently is by using a professional wax heater, i.e., wax heater. The use of paraffin wax is usually seen in beauty salons and spa treatments. Paraffin wax is a part of pedicure and manicure services at spas and is intended to moisturize, soften and smoothen the skin of your hands and feet.

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